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EXCLUSIVE: IES Gridiron Season Podcast with Draft Guru Tony Pauline.

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By: James Johnson and Nick Trist

It was an IES and Draftinsider.net collaboration of epic proportions yesterday as draft guru Tony Pauline dropped in with Nick and I to talk some 2014 Draft prospects. Topics included the Houston Texans and who they could pick first overall, the Jacksonville Jaguars and who they could pick third overall, as well as discussions on a few specific prospects like  Jadeveon Clowney, Blake Bortles, Sammy Watkins, and Tajh Boyd to name a few.

In part two of the show Nick and I elaborated on some of the latest risers and fallers of this class, then finished the show off with an interesting discussion on a couple payer-to-team pairings we’d like to see come May 8th. To hear it simply click on the Soundcloud link below (if it doesn’t start on it’s own that is).

Also, feel free to check out Tony on Twitter under his handle of @TonyPauline and most importantly on Draftinsider.net for the latest in draft buzz! And of course Nick and I can both be followed under the handles of @IES_Don and @NickTristIES

NFL Draft Podcast with the IES Crew.

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By: James Johnson

It’s been a long wait since our last podcast, but one well worth it as me, Phil, and IES newcomers Zach Hochrien and Nick Trist joined us to talk some NFL Draft. We kicked it all off with discussions on where we think the Texans, and Jags will go with their first round selections. After that, we touched a bit on this years impressive WR’s class that will be heading into Radio City as well as talked on the Senior Bowl and Combine. That said, I won’t hold you any longer, just simply click below on the Mixlr link to check us out out!  And as usual feel free to reach out to us and give us you feedback.


IES Top 100 NFL Players of 2012-13. (39-30)

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By: James Johnson

As we all know, today’s NFL has evolved into a very pass-happy league. That said, to be among the best you need a solid aerial attack and a solid pass-rush to counter those with solid aerial attacks. I find it no coincidence that the remainder of the countdown is loaded with quarterbacks, pass catchers (WR’s/TE’s), and pass rushers (DE’s/OLB’s). Why? Because as I said, this league is one built around the pass, so it only makes sense that the best players in the NFL are those who affect the pass frequently. That couldn’t be more evident in this edition of IES Top 100 as we have a trio of tight ends making the countdown alongside a pair of WR’s, and edge rushers just to name a few. Find out just who they are in this week edition of IES Top 100 NFL Players of 2012-13.
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IES Presents: Gridiron Season.

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By: James Johnson

For those of you who follow our Facebook group page and Twitter, you all know that I’ve been working hard on the side with our podcast. It’s been a while since our last one due to our schedules outside of the site, but when we were on IES Radio the stats were great, and we’d like to thank you all for that.

Being that IES was so well received (according to our stats archive at least), I began thinking of ways we could make IES Radio better. I then came up with the idea to do a weekly football show with a guest each week. As you all know it will mostly be about the Jags and their upcoming season, but we’ll also sprinkle in some college football and talk other sports as well. Throughout the weekly process I’ll have on a guest (ranging from  bloggers,writers, site managers, podcasters, radio personalities, etc) who covers each of the Jags’ regular season opponents. I really worked hard to reach out to our guests and believe that you all will enjoy what we have to offer this football season. I always thought it woud be interesting to have everyday people like myself and our listeners give their take and share their knowledge of their favorite team with us. I don’t know how we’ll work out the specific dates and times with our scheduling, but I will certainly do my best to keep this up for the season. As you all know, I’ll have fellow IES managers Eric and Gage join me as co-hosts when they can, and I’ll be possibly reaching out to a few others to co-host as well. With all that said I present to you the IES guest list for Gridiron Season!

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IES Top 100 Players of 2012-13 (89-80).

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By: James Johnson

As you all know, last week IES began its listing of the NFL’s top 100 players. We got great feedback for players 100-90 and would like to thank all of our readers. That said, the controversy continues this week with numbers 89-80. If you noticed, for this portion of our listing I piggy-backed off the listing of Pete Prisco at the end. I did so because I felt it was the right way to compare three specific rookies who took the league by storm. I hoped it would help our readers to better understand why I ranked them as I did. So without further ado, here’s this week’s listing of players 89-80. Read the rest of this entry »