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Ranking the NFL’s WR Cores.

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By: Zack Hochrien

It’s been a while as we all have been on a bit of a hiatus from IES due to our busy schedules and working on a new site. But as promised we do plan to occasionally post on here from time to time and that’s exactly what I’m here to do today. Here is our latest post by Zack as he takes a look at each of the WR units in the NFL and ranks them. Hope you all enjoy it. 

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IES Top 100 NFL Players of 2012-13. (39-30)

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By: James Johnson

As we all know, today’s NFL has evolved into a very pass-happy league. That said, to be among the best you need a solid aerial attack and a solid pass-rush to counter those with solid aerial attacks. I find it no coincidence that the remainder of the countdown is loaded with quarterbacks, pass catchers (WR’s/TE’s), and pass rushers (DE’s/OLB’s). Why? Because as I said, this league is one built around the pass, so it only makes sense that the best players in the NFL are those who affect the pass frequently. That couldn’t be more evident in this edition of IES Top 100 as we have a trio of tight ends making the countdown alongside a pair of WR’s, and edge rushers just to name a few. Find out just who they are in this week edition of IES Top 100 NFL Players of 2012-13.
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