About The Founders and Writers


Creator of IES: Gage D’Acunto

My name is Gage D’Acunto and I am a Sport Management graduate from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. My passion for sports began at a very young age when my father took me out back with a plastic baseball bat, whiffle ball, and a tee. My passion for sports has emulated to what it is today, and why I chose to start this site with two great friends of mine, Eric and James. I am incredibly excited to start sharing this passion with all of you, and hope you all find that same passion in every one of our articles. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and I hope to strike up some great conversations. Thank you for visiting our site, enjoy! Follow me on twitter @gdacunto.


Current Manager/Writer/ IES Radio Host: James Johnson

My name is James Johnson, I’m 24 and I’m a current student of Florida State Community College. Like my good friend Gage and fellow creator of IES, I too have a deep passion for sports. Though I’d consider myself more of a football enthusiast, I pretty much enjoy and watch it all when it comes to sports. However, it’s my love for the Jacksonville Jaguars that brought me into writing. I don’t think it’s irony that the first time that me and Gage, who brought Eric along, hung out was at a Jags practice. We all instantly clicked and three years later here we are blogging about sports. That being said, this site is dedicated to those who share the same passion for sports as we do. The great thing about sports is the ability to communicate, meet, and express your opinion with fans alike which is what out vision is for this site. So feel free to read, vote, comment and help us get this site flowing! Also for the latest and frequent updates on the sports world follow me on twitter (@IES_Don).


Contributor/IES Radio Host: Phil Smith

My name is Phil Smith. I’m a 25 year old stand up comedian in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to this bold vision that Gage & James have created. They’re two of my closest friends & I’m happy to help in any way possible. While sports isn’t my own calling, I’d like to think I’m knowledgeable enough to add my input. I’m a passionate supporter of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Texas Longhorns, Dallas Mavericks & Boston Red Sox. I know, those four things don’t really add up, let’s just say I’ve had an active life that’s allowed me to be connected to plenty of different markets. First & foremost though, I am a stand up comedian, it’s my passion & my calling. So I guess you can call me the comedic relief of the group. Follow me on Twitter & don’t sleep on my Vine! @PhilTheFilipino

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