Browns Position-By-Position Review: QB’s .

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By: Shane Mink

I’ve long talked about adding more writers that cover other teams and sports in this wide world of journalism. That said, one of our newest contributors in Zach Hochrein did his due diligence in helping me in this department and discovered  our latest contributor in Shane Mink. Here, Shane drops off his first IES contribution on his favorite team, the Cleveland Browns, and give a preview of their current QB situation. He also goes into details as to whether the Browns may look to add more help at the position through the NFL Draft. Hope you all enjoy the read, and we’d like to welcome Shane aboard with any other Browns fans to the IES page! 

So as previously stated by James, for my first post we’re going to be taking a look into a team I’ve long been a fan of in the Browns, and breakdown their QB situation. As of now, the Browns currently have two quarterbacks on their roster after releasing Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden. They are Brian Hoyer and Alex Tanney.

           Brian Hoyer is one of the most discussed Browns players of the offseason as he started last season as the third quarterback on the roster. He was widely considered to be a Lombardi favorite and most thought that was the only reason he had a roster spot to begin with. Long story short, Brandon Weeden was injured early in the season and Head Coach Rob Chudzinski promoted Hoyer to become the teams starter. Hoyer’s first game, versus the Minnesota Vikings, was a mixed bag. He threw several bad interceptions, but he also had a clutch drive and several great throws that inspired fans to have confidence in him for the future. In his next game against the Bengals, he played exceptionally better. He made very good throws and displayed all the characteristics of a franchise QB. Sadly, “the Browns Affect” came into play. Week 3 on a Thursday Night game, Hoyer attempted a slide and his cleat dug into the ground, causing him to tear his ACL. That marked the end of Hoyer’s fairy tale for the season.

    Later  in the season, the Browns signed the other QB on the roster. His name, Alex “trick shot” Tanney, formally of the Dallas Cowboy’s practice squad who never got a chance to actually step on the field as a starter. I believe it goes without saying, that the Browns see him as a developmental QB heading forward.

      That into consideration, I think it’s also safe to say that the Browns will add a quarterback in the draft, maybe even as high as 4th overall. Top QB prospects, like Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel, are considered to be options. Mid round prospects, like David Fales and Jimmy Garoppolo, are also considered options. Who the Browns end up picking and where they end up picking them depends on what they think of Brian Hoyer. If they feel that they can trust his two games of tape, they will bypass QB in the first and add some mid round competition. Otherwise expect to see the Browns take a QB very, very early.

As usual, we appreciate each and every one of our viewers. Also, I want to give a special thanks to Shane for his contribution. Please follow him under the Twitter handle of @ShaneMink to give your his thoughts on this post and to interact with him for any sports related matters. Shane will have more Browns and Vikings posts to share with us in the coming days for our viewers so be on the lookout for more. 

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