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Z.Hoch’s Top 40 CB

(L.G. Patterson of the AP)

With the draft almost a month away, the IES crew will be hard at work in the coming days to bring you all our very on prospect content as May gets closer. That said, Zach Hochrein knocks another list of prospect rankings today as we take a look at the CB’s. And if I must say so myself, it’s a very impressive, yet distinctive list when comparing it to those I’ve seen around on the web this month. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

E.J. Gaines (Missouri) – No.1 CB – My #1 corner in the draft as he’s a good ball locater (both in running and passing defense), with great range, nice height, and fluid hips. I feel that his skill-set is better suited for a zone scheme.

My Grade: I believe he should go in 1st round.


Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State) – No.2 CB – Insanely good zone fit, rangy, with a tallish, skinny build. His weaknesses however, is that he’s average in man coverage and not impressive in run support.

My Grade: I believe he should go top 10 on premise of zone range.


Jason Verrett (TCU) – No. 3 CB – Plays big, and I see him as a cover 3 slot CB. He also gets to ball, and is very rangy.

My Grade: Top 20 pick.


Marcus Roberson (Florida) – No.4 CB – One of the taller CB’s in this draft, and a physical specimen. Bread and butter is man coverage,but he also is solid as a cover 3 roamer.

My Grade: 1st round pick.


Darqueze Dennard (Michigan State) – No. 5 CB – Average height and is best in zone. His run defense is mediocre,not to mention he gets lazy and sucked into plays way too much in my opinion. Bottom line is he makes an amazing play every game however.

My Grade: Should be 5th CB picked


Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech) – No. 6 CB – His length is a key attribute for him. He changes direction quickly, never gives up, and is a big hitter.

My Grade: Should be picked in the 1st round.


Jaylen Watkins (Florida) – No. 7 CB – Very good in the zone, especially cover 3. Watkins offers versatility in coverage (can play safety too). On top of that he has great range and speed.

My Grade: Should go in 2nd round.


Bradley Roby (Ohio State) – No. 8 CB – Overcommits to a certain part of field, zone, and man abilities are lacking, blitzing is insanely good however, and he’s a playmaker when needed.

My Grade: Early 2nd rounder.


(Jeff Robertson of AP)

Pierre Desir (Lindenwood)- No.9 CB – Small school prospect with great upside. Desir is a tall freak athlete with great man skills, but doesn’t fit a zone scheme.

My Grade: Anywhere from the 2nd-4th round.


Stanley Jean-Baptiste (Nebraska) – No. 10 CB – Best in true man coverage CB. Very tall and lanky, with great recovery speed. He also excels in ball tracking.

My Grade: 3rd rounder.


Lamarcus Joyner (FSU) – No. 11 CB – Small corner, yet his ball awareness is superb. I think he’s more of a zone guy as he has great range and superb timing on undercuts/blitzes.

My Grade: 3rd rounder.


Keith McGill (Utah) – No. 12 CB – Needs to go to a man coverage team, as zone coverage isn’t his strength due to slow direction change. Furthermore, McGill’s fluidity is very mediocre, and his run support skills are average.

My Grade: 3rd rounder.


Victor Hampton (South Carolina) -No.13 CB – Another small corner that I feel would be better in the cover 3. Victor strikes me as a playmaker with great hip fluidity.

My Grade: Late 3rd rounder.


Bashaud Breeland (Clemson) – No.14 CB – A taller Courtland Finnegan. His biggest issue is that he overcommits in the press, and is burnt easily. Zone however, is a non issue. I also like his toughness as well.

My Grade: 4th rounder.


Rashaad Reynolds (Oregon State)- No.1 CB – Small stature, and he gets beaten off the line in man coverage. He makes plays here and there, just not consistently. I will say that he is a physical tackler for his height however.

My Grade: 4th rounder.


Louchiez Purifoy (Florida) – No. 16 CB – Small corner that is not a good in zone. He could work on his run support as well. Purifoy is however physical for his size at times. I tend to think he fits as an off coverage/man guy.

My Grade: Mid 4th rounder.


Antone Exum (Virginia Tech) – No. 17 CB – Tall, lanky, and physical corner with great range and coverage. More of a man-to-man guy in my book and proved to be very disruptive at V. Tech.

My Grade: Mid 4th rounder.


(Image by USA Today)

Chris Davis – No. 18 CB – Speedy corner, and thrives well in zone for his height.He’s not as physical as I’d like, but offers a lot as a ball hawk.

My Grade: Late 4th to early 5th rounder.


Walt Aikens (Liberty) – No. 19 – Freakishly tall, and fits multiple schemes. Aikens is a big-time ball hawk, and very physical.

My Grade: Late 4th rounder and seems like an Seahawks target.


Phillip Gaines (Rice)-No. 20 CB – Excels at playing the ball as he is rangy, and disruptive. I think he has a small frame however and struggles with recovery.

My Grade: Early 5th rounder.


Ross Cockrell (Duke) – No. 21 CB – Very good in zone, and he played as a 3rd safety. Love hus lateral speed.

My Grade: Mid round pick.


Dexter McDougle (Maryland) – No.22 CB – Very underrated for his size. McDougle strikes me as a ball-hawk with great lateral movement. To me he fits many schemes.

My Grade: Mid round gem.


(Getty Images)

Deion Belue (Alabama) – No. 23 CB – Thrives as a zone CB. Nice tall framed prospect, with speed and range. I like his potential in man-to-man coverage but he’ll have to work at in in time.

My Grade: Mid to late round steal.


Andre Hal (Vanderbilt)- No.24 CB – Superb range in zone coverage, bad in run support, I like his height however.

My Grade: 5th rounder.


 Ricardo Allen (Purdue) – No.25 CB – Tenaciously physical player that fits multiple schemes. Allen’s run

support is superb, but takes many wrong angles in coverage.

My Grade: Late 5th round.


Bennett Jackson (Notre Dame) – No. 26 CB – Displayed great range at Notre Dame. He looks to fit in a cover 3 scheme, and has a tall structure with fluid hip movement. He needs to work on being more physical though.

My Grade: 6th round pick.


Carrington Byndom (Texas) – No.27 CB – Played in shadow man a lot. He has a small build and average hip fluidity however.

My Grade: 6th Rounder.


Nevin Lawson (Utah State) – No.28 CB – A small man-to-man corner with the potential to be a shut down CB, and despite his size he plays very physical.

My Grade: Late round pick.


Terrance Mitchell (Oregon) – No. 29 CB – A speedy zone CB with great hip fluidity. He too needs to work on being more physical however, like Lawson.

My Grade: Late round pick.


Bene Benwikere (San Jose State) – No.30 CB – Typical small cover 2 CB. Benwikere was use in nickel a lot and offers a lot of speed. He’s not afraid to come up and help in run support either.

My Grade: Late round pick.


(Andy Lyons of Getty)

Aaron Colvin (Oklahoma) – No.31 CB – Versatile corner. Colvin is also tall, rangy, and has great hands.

My Grade: Late round pick.


Charles Sawyer (Ole Miss) -No. 32 CB – Typical Cover 3 corner with decent range ,but lacks size.

My Grade: UDFA.


Marcus Williams (North Dakota State) – No. 33 CB – No film currently available.

Consensus Grade: Late round.


 Lavelle Westbrooks (Georgia Southern) – No.34 CB – No Film currently Available.

Consensus Grade: 7th- UDFA.


Ciante Evans (Nebraska) – No.35 CB – A fast play disruptor. He also makes great plays in the run game.

My Grade: 7th rounder.


Osahon Irabor (Arizona State) – No.36 CB – No info available.

Consensus Grade: 7th rounder.


Brandon Dixon (Northwest Missouri State) – No.37 CB – Small school commodity who is a bit underdeveloped, but has great hip fluidity and speed. I think he really needs to work on his ball tracking on the flip side.

My Grade: 7th rounder.

Keith Reaser (Florida Atlantic) – No.38 CB – Tall, yet underdeveloped. He has potential however despite being a relatively unknown prospect.

My Grade: UDFA.


Jabari Price (North Carolina) – No.39 CB – A very underwhelming prospect, that seems more like a zone fit. He has issues overcommitting.

My Grade: 7th – UDFA.


Kendall James (Maine) – No.40 CB – No film available.

Consensus Grade: 7th – UDFA.


33-40 Are relatively unknown. More research being done on them in the future.


As usual we appreciate the views. Feel free to give Zach and I your feedback as he can be found on Twitter under the handle of @ZhochZeus .

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