IES 2014 OLB Prospect Rankings By Zach Hochrein.

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By: Zach Hochrein

(Image by USATSI)

It’s been a while since our last grades due to our busy schedules, but Zach is back at it as he is continuing where he left off with his latest prospect projections. As opposed to the spreadsheet format he used before, he did things a little differently with a traditional ranking list. This week, we kick it off with the OLB rankings, enjoy! 

Z.Hoch’s Top 25 OLB

1.) Khalil Mack– Explosive player, great straight line rush, good use of hands in rush, mediocre coverage backer, great run defender.

My Grade: Top 10 pick.


2.) Kyle Van Noy– Pass rush machine, great vision, does everything to get to ball handler,  fits in zone coverage.

My Grade: Should be a top 20 pick.


3.) Jeremiah Attaochu- Another pass rushing machine, great run play disrupter, bad hand placement when rushing not to many moves.

My Grade: Worth a top 25 pick.


4.) Anthony Barr- Very underwhelming rusher, gets lost in blocks, very raw, insane ball location, love his coverage abilities

My Grade:  I believe he’ll go anywhere between the top 10 to top 25.


(By Getty Images)

5.) Ryan Shazier – He was above average when rushing the passer in my opinion. He also excelled in coverage, and I believe it’s his best attribute.

My Grade:  Top 40 pick.

6.) Jordan Zumwalt- Was only used as a pass rusher in the 2-4-5 alignment,  he is better in coverage, and is a speedy prototypical PAC 12 LB. I believe he fits in at any LB position but most likely a coverage SAM/WILL.

My Grade: Top 75 pick


7.) Jordan Tripp- Small school prospect, very diverse, fits into several positions, not phenomenal speed, yet solid in coverage.

My Grade: Top 120 pick

8.) Telvin Smith- Small, lots of speed and range, and plays like slot CB. I think he may be suited better at safety, as he is a versatile athlete.

My Grade: Top 120 pick


9.) Carl Bradford- Underwhelming in all aspects in his game, no set position, used in the PAC 12 strictly as a pass rusher.

My Grade: 4th to 5th rounder


10.) Christian Kirksey– Looks to be more of a CB, speedy, good coverage abilities, not much of a pass rusher.

My Grade: 5th rounder


11.) Prince Shembo- A typical ND player, physical, but doesn’t have overwhelming speed. Excels with ball location, but is an average pass rusher.

My Grade: 5th rounder

(Image by Berry Chin of Boston Globe)

12) .Kevin Pierre Louis– Plays like a PAC 12 OLB, speed, great coverage ability, ball locating superb, lateral ability is insane.

My Grade: 5th rounder

13.) Devon Kennard- Another PAC 12 OLB, insane speed, not overwhelming in run defense or pass rush.

My Grade: 5th rounder


14.) Denicos Allen- A very good tackler, with very good lateral movement, and ball tracking skills are superb.

My Grade: 6th rounder


15.) Trevor Reilly- Great run defender, great in zone coverage, very versatile, pass rush underwhelming.

My Grade: 6th rounder


16.) Adrian Hubbard- Appears to be a very lazy player on my opinion, though his run defense is decent. On the flip side, his pass rush skill are lacking as well as his lateral speed.

My Grade: 7th – UDFA


(Image By US Presswire)

17.) Ronald Powell- Edge setter in whatever position he plays, gets lost in run defense, decent pass rusher—never gives up, coverage abilities are at a ball locator if he drops back.

My Grade: 5th-7th rd


18.) Tyler Starr- Great lateral speed, unknown on coverage, used as a disruptor/pass rusher, small school prospect.

My Grade: 6th-UDFA


19.) Jonathon Brown– Underwhelming performer, not a pass rusher, but his run defense very good and he’s a cerebral player. He also seems to know where holes develop, follows assignments well.

My Grade: 7th rounder.


20.) Kharri Forrt- Good vision, great run defender, lateral motion superb. To me he’s a typical PAC 12 OLB.

My Grade: 7th to UDFA


21.) Khasim Edebali- N/A



As usual we appreciate the views. Feel free to give Zach and I your feedback as he can be found on Twitter under the handle of @ZhochZeus .


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