Day: March 11, 2014

Playing the Role of Dave Caldwell: Tuning the Jags Defense.

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By: James Johnson

Alright so you guys seen part 1 of this series so there isn’t much to explain. As promised, here is a follow up of my last article as we now will look at the defensive side of the ball. That said, lets simply hop into it by starting with those on the Jags defensive roster who will be free agents.

Jaguars defensive free agents.

Name Position Age Type of FA
Brandon Deaderick DT 26 UFA
Kyle Love DT 27 UFA
Will Blackmon CB 29 UFA

As I did before, I’ll start with the teams’ free agents on this side of the ball. Fortunately for the Jags they don’t have many free agents on this side of the ball and none of them are true starters, though Blackmon started in the place of Dwayne Gratz when he was lost to injury. In his time as a starter Blackmon played very well, and, of the 3 defensive free agents above, he is the one the Jags really need to retain. All signs point to that happening on a 1 year deal according to insiders such as Ryan O’Holloran and John Oehser. Blackmon recently appeared on an episode of Jaguars live which to me points to him signing with the team. His return would be one well worth it as Byron Maxwell of the Seattle Seahawks proved that it’s good to have another starting caliber corner on the roster just in case you lose one late in the season.

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