IES 2014 RB Prospect Grades by Zach Hochrein.

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(Image by Jim Brown of USA Today)
(Image by Jim Brown of USA Today)

Post by James Johnson (@IES_Don), and spreadsheet by Zach Hochrein (@zeusthegreates3).

As promised I’m here with more NFL Draft prospect rankings from our latest contributor Zach Hochrein. This time around Zach covers the RB prospects of the upcoming draft Madden style (as you will see with the overall score panel). Now, personally I can’t speak and compare my RB rankings with Zach’s yet because I haven’t really studied all of them in depth yet as I’m currently on the QB’s myself. However, when I do get to the RB’s I’ll be sure to come back and update this post with my thoughts. As of right now upon my initial thoughts, it appears I may be a bit higher on Sankey than Zach is which will make some interesting talk when I take a look at these guys in depth. That being said, feel free to check out Zach’s latest via the Google Docs link below (open for viewing for everyone).

Also for those who couldn’t access his last rankings on the QB’s I’ve now figured out how to open that for viewing to everyone as well. Feel free to go back and look at those as well along  with my Johnny Manziel scouting report to give us your thoughts. Lastly, stay tuned as I’ll have more of Zach’s prospect rankings to post throughout the week.

Zach’s RB Rankings:

Zach’s QB Rankings:

My Manziel Scouting Report:


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