IES 2014 QB Prospect Grades By Zach Hochrein.

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(Image by Andy Lyons of Getty North America)

Post by James Johnson, and spreadsheet by Zach Hochrein.

With the NFL season officially over for some, those who aren’t in the playoffs will be heading into the draft process as each team’s respective staffs will begin doing their homework on the prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft. With a few bowl games remaining, as well as a few major all-star games coming up in January (such as the East-West Shrine game, and the Senior Bowl), the organizations that didn’t make the postseason will be working extra hard to get their teams where they need to be in the offseason. Here at IES, we will be doing the same as I’ve begun working on a few scouting reports myself (feel free to check them out), and I’ve also reached out to a few others of the draft community to collaborate with. That said, one of my followers on Twitter, Zach Hochrein, was gracious enough to contribute his own grading spreadsheet (linked below via Google Docs) for the upcoming QB’s of the 2014 class in which he’s studied. After following him for a while and sharing our thoughts over the upcoming draft, I can attest to the fact that he knows his stuff. He’ll also be working on more spreadsheets for the remainder of the positions and prospects which  I’ll post as soon as possible, so be on the lookout for that!

As for our Twitter followers, feel free to follow Zach on Twitter under @Zeusthegreates3, and give him a warm welcome to the IES board!!!!


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