Early Look at the 2014 NFL Draft Via Google Plus.

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By: James Johnson (@IES_Don)

This Saturday I was joined by a couple fellow NFL/Collegiate Football bloggers in Hank Jones (of Bigcatcountry.com), Derrik Klassen (of edraft.com), and Ben Natan (of Withefirstpick.com) to talk some 2014 draft prospects.  A couple topics we elaborated on included the QB’s (Bridgewater, Mariota, ect), WR’s (Evans, Watkins, Lee, ect), CB’s (Purifoy, Roberson, Verrett, ect), and edge rushers (Barr, Mack, ect) of this class, along with more. So far the feedback on it has been great on Twitter, and we’d like to hear more from you all. That being said, feel free to check it out and give us your thoughts.

Special thanks to Hank, Derrik, and Ben for participating as it was great to work with them. Feel free to follow them on Twitter, as all of them are some of the best around when it comes to college football prospects. We most definitely will link up in the future for more Hangouts in the future so stay tuned. 

Hank: @HankJoness

Derrik: @DraftKlassen

Ben: @BenNatan2



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