Tajh Boyd Scouting Report.

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By: James Johnson

(Image by USATSI)

As you can tell by my recent mock draft on 1010XL.com, I recently had a little extra time on my hands an decided to look at some 2013 prospect cuts. One of the players I came across that I’m very familiar with due to seeing just about every Clemson game in the past year or so is Tajh Boyd. As we all know he is projected to be a high 1st round draft pick in next years draft and is one of the top QB’s in the world of college football. That being said, I decided to do a scouting report on him, take it from me, he and this Clemson offense is exciting to watch. Below is my thoughts and analysis on him. I also linked a few youtube videos for you all to watch on him as well.

Prospect: Tajh Boyd

School: Clemson

Class: RS Senior

Measurables: 6-1, 225 lbs.

Tapes of choice to evaluate: I’ve actually watched about 90% of all the games he’s played, however for this scouting report I chose his game vs LSU (2012), and his game vs UGA (2013). Both courtesy of Draftbreakdown.com .

Initial Thoughts


  • Though he doesn’t have prototypical QB height at 6-1 he has a nice build at 225 pounds.
  • Mobile.
  • Powerful runner.
  • Has good footwork, and pocket presence.
  • Has NFL caliber arm strength.
  • Has good ball placement with most of his throws. Especially with deep completions. He excels at getting the ball over the defender where only his man can catch the ball.
  • He is good when throwing in windows.
  • Tough as nails. He took a beating in his bowl game against LSU last year as he hasn’t exactly had the best offensive line when it come to pass protection.
  • A great leader on and off the field. His coaches appear to love him.


  • His height as I mentioned above. (Doesn’t really bother me looking at Wilson and Brees)
  • At times I think he could be a smarter scrambler as he’s taken some hits that will scare you.
  • He could afford to stay in the pocket and read the field longer at times before scrambling.
  • Dabo Swinney’s offense makes it difficult to evaluate him as a NFL prospect for some. It’s an offense in which requires Tajh to throw a lot of simple passes like screens, dump-offs, short hitches, curls, ect.
  • Hasn’t really taken many snaps under center. Again a offensive scheme thing.
  • Offense doesn’t require him to make a lot of decisions. Most of the time he only has to make one or two reads.
  • This offense also makes him stare down defenders at times being that he only has limited reads.
  • Most tend to think he has a slight wind-up before he passes the ball (doesn’t really bother either me though look at Kaepernick, he turned out fine.)

Outlook: As of now most have Boyd going in the top ten of round one in next years draft. Currently among his fellow draft eligible QB’s, most have him as the third QB on their list under Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville and Brett Hundley of UCLA, which is a fair assessment in my opinion. However, things could change over the collegiate season and I wouldn’t be shocked if Boyd could jump Hundley for that second spot as I feel that their rankings are a little closer than most think.

As for my outlook on his NFL future, I’d really like to see him go to a team with a great offensive mind as their coordinator and QB’s coach, reason being is that he’s coming from a offense that might not be seen as “NFL friendly”. A scenario I’d like to see Boyd in is one like Kaepernick was fortunate to be in, where he went to a great QB minded coach in Jim Harbaugh. However, looking at the current draft order that may or may not be possible, only time will tell where each team will be picking from and what type of staff may acquire him.

As for a comparison most people are going with Steve McNair or Russell Wilson. I’d certainly agree with both of those comparisons, though Wilson came fro a pro-style offense if I recall.  That being said, I think most should shy away from comparing the two, because Boyd may possibly (keyword: may) need more time to develop into a NFL QB coming from Dabo Swinney’s different scheme. Also keep in mind there is a lot of football to be played for Boyd, so my analysis on him is far from over. He’s a prospect I continued to learn different things from, and see improvement from still till this day. As of now though, I certainly believe he’s talented enough to be a NFL QB  just based off the notion I just made, and thats his continued growth at Clemson.

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Also, for our viewers out there! I’d like to do more scouting reports on the site and start collecting a database for them, unfortunately, with our busy schedules that may not be the case. However, with help I may can continue this depending on the reception I get. So if there is any draft enthusiast like myself interested in helping me with scouting reports feel free to let us know via email, Twitter, Facebook, ect.

And as usual thanks for the read!


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