Barclays Premier League: Week 6 Predictions

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Chris and I did an unofficial prediction sheet last week that we didn’t get a chance to post, so I’ll update those points next week. Here’s week 6, enjoy!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

7:45 ET Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea

Chris– Chelsea 2-1, Chelsea will continue to be strong despite the illusion that they are struggling, should be a battle vs Tottenham this weekend.

Gage– Chelsea 2-1, Chelsea is a strong club despite their on-again off-again look as of late. This will actually be a pretty good game to watch.

10:00 ET Aston Villa v Manchester City

Chris– Draw 1-1, Manchester City has been hot and cold this year, going to bank on City letting down against an underrated Aston Villa.

Gage– After City’s performance last week against cross-town rivals Man U, I’m expecting them to take this one easily against Villa. However, City has a knack for not showing up against lesser opponents. Tough choice but I’ll give City the 1-0 edge.

10:00 ET Fulham v Cardiff City

Chris– Cardiff 1-0, think this will be a close game like many of the other matchups this week.

Gage– Draw 1-1. I’m not big on either teams scoring potential.

10:00 ET Hull City v West Ham United

Chris– Draw 0-0, Both teams may come out looking to at least come away with a point.

Gage– 2-1 win to West Ham. I think this one may be a little more interesting then people initially think.

10:00 ET Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion

Chris– 3-0 Manchester United, public opinion is that there is a great collapse of Manchester United in progress. Do not be fooled, they have dropped points versus other top teams in past campaigns and went on to win the title. And they beat Liverpool 1-0 this week.

Gage– 3-0 Shelling by Man. U. While West Brom. did take it to Sunderland last week, and almost beat Arsenal in the Capital One Cup, I think their luck will run out here. Mainly because Man U is not Sunderland, nor will they be benching most of their starters as Arsenal did. Oh, and there’s the little rumor that Man U is slowly collapsing like a flan in a cupboard, that they’ll surely be out to prove wrong. Poor little West Brom. is the unfortunate club standing in their way.

10:00 ET Southampton v Crystal Palace

Chris– Southampton 1-0, one of the many close games this week I expect to see go slightly one way or the other, hard to call.

Gage– Southampton beat Liverpool, and Crystal Palace lost pretty convincingly to Swansea. So this is a “big win high” v. “trying to turn things around” game. It can go either way, but for arguments sake I’d look for the 1-1 draw here.

12:30 ET Swansea City v Arsenal

Chris– 1-1 Draw, Arsenal have been on fire and it is hard to pick against them playing good soccer but I think Swansea have been coming on in the last couple of weeks as well. This may be a very hard game for Arsenal to get three points.

Gage– Swansea is looking very good as of late, and so does Arsenal. This is going to be a very, very fun game to watch I think. It’ll be back and forth, with a lot of chances for both teams. However, Arsenal is really coming together with the addition of Ozil, so I’ll take a late Arsenal victory 2-1.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

8:30 ET Stoke City v Norwich City

Chris– Stoke City 1-0, another great battle to watch. Take your pick of 1 goal victory either way or draw and you have a good shot of being correct.

Gage– 1-1 draw here. Neither team looks like scoring much these days so I’d be willing to bet on the draw.

11:00 ET Sunderland v Liverpool

Chris– 3-1 Liverpool, Liverpool lost during the week and will have a mini bounce back game against a weaker Sunderland side.

Gage– 2-0 Liverpool. Sunderland isn’t exactly the scoring superpower in the table. However, neither is Liverpool, but I feel they’ll be very eager to bounce back after a tough loss last week to Southampton

Monday, September 30, 2013

3:00 ET Everton v Newcastle United       

Chris- Everton 2-1, Everton were involved in a shootout last week winning in a crazy fashion. It is a new Everton style than the grinding team we saw draw the majority of their games last season, it may lead to more wins but there should be concern about how many losses it will also add. Just not this week versus Newcastle.     

Gage- Everton 2-1. This should be a very interesting matchup to watch. Everton will grind this one out similar to last week.


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