Jaguars “Extra Early” 2014 Mock.

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By: James Johnson

(Image by Ken Ruinard of

After the great reception my last article on Publix got from you all (thanks for the read by the way), I decided to send the good people over at 1010XL yet another post. I felt that if I were to send them something to post that it should be something just as interesting as the last. That being said, what is more interesting than speculating just what this team will do in their next draft ? If you all follow me on Facebook along with our group page you probably know how this article will begin, but I added an extra two rounds in this mock to make things interesting.  Check it out, it’s a solid read if I must say so myself.  Also feel free to comment on it, and give me your here, on Twitter (@IES_Don), or Facebook (linked above). 3 round mock. 


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