IES Week 3 Picks.

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By: James Johnson


First of all I want to say to our readers, sorry for the lack of content last week. Me and the crew have been rather busy as of lately, but we will have more content is on the way this week. That being said, here is our predictions for this past weeks game, as well as today’s Monday Night Football predictions. Once this weeks MNF game is over I’ll tally up week 3’s records and update it below. As of week 2 here is how it’s looking. Don’t forget to give us all your own thoughts, predictions, and follow us on Twitter (linked below) as well. Also feel free to hit the our Facebook “Like” button to the very left of your screen and feel free to join our Facebook group linked here.

Vaughan: (19-10) @vizzle311

Myself: (18-11) @IES_Don

Trey: (18-11) @TRobertslll

Chris: (18-11) @ChrisWirth50

Ryan: (18-11) @FFGuy301

Phil: (17-12) @Philthefilipino

Odom: (14-15) @JonathanLodom

Eric: (13-16) @EricAlmighty1

Gage: (10-6) @gdacunto


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