IES Week 2 NFL Picks.

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By: James Johnson


Alright so here it is! Our week two picks. This week we have a few additions to the list. The creator of IES himself, Gage D’acunto (decided to join the party all late), and Chris Wirth one of our EPL Soccer columnist. Anyone else that care to give us their insight feel free to comment and follow us on Twitter (links below), you can also join our Facebook group page (Also our FB “Like” page). I also tallied our records so far below.

Myself: (7-6) @J_1010xl

Phil: (7-6) @Philthefilipino

Vaughan: (7-6) @vizzle311

Trey: (7-6) @TRobertslll

Ryan: (7-6) @FFGuy301

Chis: (7-6) (Get a Twitter account bro)

Odom: (6-7) @JonathanLodom

Eric: (5-8) @EricAlmighty1

Gage: (0-0) @gdacunto

Update: Week 2 Records.

Vaughan went 12-4 week 2 bringing him to 19-10 overall.

Myself, Trey, Chris and Ryan went 11-5 for week 2 bringing us all to 18-11 overall.

Phil and Gage went 10-6. Phil is now 17-12 and Gage is 10-6 being that week two was his first week.

Odom and Eric both went 8-8 in week 2. Odom is now 14-15 overall and Eric is 13-16 overall.


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