Barclays Premier League Predictions – Week 3

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Score thus far:

Chris- 13

Gage- 10

Let’s dig right in, shall we?


Saturday, August 31, 2013

7:45 ET                 Manchester City               v            Hull City

Chris- City 3-1, Look for a bounce back game after a surprising loss for Manchester City last week.

Gage- Did anyone call the Man. City game last week against Cardiff? Didn’t think so. It was a fluke and Man. City will be eager to prove it. 2-0 to Man. City in this one.

10:00 ET              Cardiff City                         v            Everton               

Chris- Draw 2-2, Cardiff had a big week last week so they should compete this week versus Everton.

Gage- Tough to call given Cardiff’s success against City last week. I think they’ll be on a post match high and Everton will bring them back to earth. Everton 2-1.

10:00 ET              Newcastle United             v            Fulham                

Chris- Draw 1-1, These two teams have some offensive weapons, should be a telling matchup as these teams could be looking at a long season battling near the bottom of the standings.

Gage- 1-1 Draw in this one. Neither team looked like scoring in their previous matchups and I don’t expect much here either.

10:00 ET              Norwich City                      v            Southampton                   

Chris- Norwich 2-1, Southampton have not faced a real test yet this season and Norwich earned a draw against Everton. Southampton may prove they are a mid standings team but they have work to do against Norwich to convince me.

Gage- Southampton has a pretty solid looking squad this season to start, while Norwich has struggled to get much done. I think Southampton takes this one 2-1.

10:00 ET              West Ham United             v            Stoke City                          

Chris- Stoke City 1-0, Should be a close fought game and could end in any result.

Gage- The Hammers couldn’t get much done against Newcastle, and while Stoke did turn things around against Crystal Palace last week, they did give away an easy early goal, and you can’t be doing that too much especially away. Don’t expect many in the back of the net but West Ham is solid at home so I give them the 1-0 win.

12:30 ET              Crystal Palace                   v             Sunderland                        

Chris- Sunderland 1-0, Sunderland will look to bear down and get the result to help distance themselves from the bottom position Crystal Palace currently holds.

Gage- Not a lot of scoring power from either side, so I go with a lackluster 1-1 draw in this matchup.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

8:30 ET                 Liverpool                            v            Manchester United          

Chris- Manchester United 2-0, Liverpool look improved this season but Manchester United have been motivated in this matchup in recent seasons in support of the personal rivalries that have developed.

Gage- Man. U got shut down on their home turf last week against the rock solid “defense first” style that Jose Mourinho has incorporated at Chelsea. However, Liverpool is not Chelsea. 2-1 Win to United.

8:30 ET                 West Bromwich Albion    v            Swansea City 

Chris- Swansea City 2-0, Swansea is stuck near the bottom after a challenging start to their schedule but they are far from a bottom of the league team and will start to move their way up the standings starting this weekend.

Gage- Swansea is not nearly as bad as their record may show. Look for them to start working their way up the ranks now with a 1-0 win over West Brom.

11:00 ET              Arsenal                                v            Tottenham Hotspur

Chris- Tottenham 2-1, Injuries will hold Arsenal back in this matchup and Tottenham are out to prove they are a great team, bigger than one big name departure.

Gage- I enjoy going against Chris in some of these predictions. I’m waiting for the Jawing to start. I’m sure it’ll come when Man. U and Arsenal play. Arsenal have found their stride as far as getting players involved and working better together as a team. This will be as entertaining a match as any. I’m predicting a back and forth 3-2 win for the Arsenal.


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