Day: August 25, 2013

Quick hits on Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Philadelphia Eagles!

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By: Eric Serna

This was a fun game for Jaguars fans. From what was a terrible game at home against Miami, to a couple of flashes from the first team against New York, this game was what we needed to see. Against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jacksonville Jaguars showed they have the talent to be a challenge to some teams this year. In what will now be an underdog role, all the proper steps are being taken to advance this team and it’s players into the next level: the regular season. But there are A LOT of things that need to be fixed or worked on for the Jaguars to be something other then a 2-14 team becoming a middle tier team. Here some some quick hits on what the Jaguars need to improve on for next week’s showdown against the Atlanta Falcons, and then on into the regular season.

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