Barclays Premier League Week 2 Predictions

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Week 1 of the Premier League season saw some very interesting results. Teams like Norwich and Southampton showed they can perform in the top tier, while teams like Aston Villa showed they are not to be taken lightly this season. However, as we all know, the Premier League season is a very, very long one, so expect much moving around in the league table. Here are our predictions for week 2.

Chris- 8
Gage- 5

Mid Week Game August 21st, 2013 Chelsea v. Aston Villa
(Predicted the day before the match)

Gage- Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa. Aston Villa are a good squad with good firepower, and should do very well this season. But I feel Chelsea should prove to be the better side in this one.

Chris- Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa. Aston Villa certainly showed they did not just get lucky against Arsenal in the first match. I think the lineup we saw from Chelsea featuring Ba up front will be the more potent of the options against the option featuring Torres, yet they only beat Aston Villa by one. If I was to choose, Chelsea are the title favorites.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
7:45 ET Fulham v Arsenal

Chris: 2-1 Arsenal win. The let down last week may have been due to focusing on the mid week champions league match or overlooking a much improved Aston Villa side. Either way they will not play down to the level of Fulham.

Gage: 2-0 to the Arsenal. Last weeks loss to Aston Villa was due to some very poor officiating, and Arsenal will be very eager to bounce back and show it was just that.

10:00 ET Everton v West Bromwich Albion
Chris: 2-0 Everton. Everton will be a solid defensive team in the long run this year and there is no time like the present to start showing it. West Bromwich showed signs they may struggle to get points this season.

Gage: Pretty poor showing by both sides last game. Everton will try and flex their defensive muscle at home, while West Bromwich will struggle to get much going. 2-1 Win for Everton.

10:00 ET Hull City v Norwich City
Chris: Norwich 2-0. Norwich looked strong last week and hull not so much. Hull looked like a team not ready to deal with the pace of the premier league and that will not improve in one week.

Gage: It isn’t fair to judge Hull by their showing in last weeks game against Chelsea. It’s going to be tough for any team to get points against that side this season. Norwich looked strong against Everton last week and could take the away win from this side. 2-2 draw.

10:00 ET Newcastle United v West Ham United
Chris: 2-1 Newcastle. Although Newcastle lost to Manchester City 4-0 last week, I think their play showed more danger than I expected. West Ham was not forced to show much of what they have to offer last week versus a newly promoted Cardiff.

Gage: Newcastle got annihilated against Manchester City last week, so look for them to try and bounce back against West Ham who managed to muscle out a win against newly promoted Cardiff. 2-1 Newcastle.

10:00 ET Southampton v Sunderland
Chris: 1-1 Draw. Both teams do not show much in the way of goal scoring power and could be looking at a nervous bottom half of the standings position for most of the season.

Gage: Can’t say this is match of the week status by any stretch of the imagination. Neither side showed any promise of goal scoring power, even with Jozy Altidore on the Sunderland side. This ends in a low scoring draw, 1-1

10:00 ET Stoke City v Crystal Palace
Chris: Crystal Palace 1-0. Crystal palace has something that impresses me for some reason. They seem to be one of those promoted teams that puts out more effort than their opponent because they want it more. That may not overcome EPL talent in the long run but for now they seem to be managing the adrenaline well.

Gage: To be honest, both teams looked pretty strong against some tough opponents last week ( Liverpool for Stoke and Tottenham for Crystal Palace). Both teams contested in their respective games last week and could do the same here against each other. Look for a narrow hard fought win for Stoke though, 1-0.

12:30 ET Aston Villa v Liverpool
Chris: Aston Villa 2-1. If Aston Villa can come out of this fixture with 3 points they are opening the season with some serious statements about their potential success this season. Beating Arsenal, a close competition versus Chelsea and now a chance to beat Liverpool, look for them to be turning success versus a strong early schedule into a strong position in the standings.

Gage: A hard fought win at the Emirates, competing with a Chelsea side who is favorites to win the title, and now with an opportunity to make a major opening statement against Liverpool at home. Look for Villa to take this one 2-1.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

11:00 ET Cardiff City v Manchester City
Chris: Manchester City 4-0. Same old story from two years ago it seems, Manchester City loves to run up the score against lesser opponents.

Gage: It’s hard not to pick City in this one. Manchester City wins this one easily 3-0.

11:00 ET Tottenham Hotspur v Swansea City
Chris: 1-1 Draw. Tottenham’s close 1-0 win versus Crystal Palace was not a bad result for the quality Palace showed in that game. Swansea are a very dangerous side still developing a team identity. Tottenham show better form and after a first week loss by Swansea, they take fewer risks to ensure at least a point.

Gage: Both teams struggled in their matches last week. While Swansea started their match strong, defense let them down in the end on their way to a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Man. United. This could be a good opportunity for Soldado and Paulinho to settle into their roles at Tottenham and in the Premier League. Spurs win 3-1.

Monday, August 26, 2013

3:00 ET Manchester United v Chelsea
Chris: 2-2 Draw. Take a random draw of winner or score line and you have a chance to be right. This early meeting of title rivals should be a showcase of what to expect from each team this season.

Gage: Easily the game of the week. Title contenders square off early, for a very entertaining match under the lights at Old Trafford. I give Manchester United the edge simply because they have home field in this one. Manchester United win this one 2-1.


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