Miami Heat bring series to Game 7 verus the San Antonio Spurs

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By: Eric Serna

What a rally, what a shot, what a game. This is one of the better games in the Finals in recent memory. Some are calling it the greatest ever. I wouldn’t go that far, but nevertheless, this game was awesome. We’ve had time to recap the game in our minds, read the breakdowns of everything that happened, and now we are going to Game 7 in Miami. Either the Heat or the Spurs are going to become World Champions and win the NBA title. But let’s go over 10 things that I felt needed to be addressed going into this game, and could be key factors come game time tonight at 9:00 P.M. (EST) at AmericanAirlines Arena.

  1. Solid offense and defense by both teams. This was a very well played game of basketball. I expect this to continue into the 4th quarter of Game 7. Both teams knew where to attack and defend at the right moments in Game 6, with both teams taking the lead multiple times. Until the final seconds, it looked like the Spurs were always one step ahead of the Heat. But of course…..
  2. Ray Allen cements his Hall Of Fame career with a PICTURE PERFECT 3 point shot that you knew at the release was going in. The excitement and reaction to that moment is one I will remember for a very long time. It is these type of moments that creates legends and champions. Unlikely runs and shots (like the one allen made) in must-win-games are made by teams that are destined to win it all.
  3. Speaking of Hall of Famers…..What in the world was Gregg Popovich doing benching Tim Duncan in the final moments of the 4th quarter? I understand there would have been overtime and a Game 7 at the worst, so the game plan may have been a little more cautious then what is being lead on. But I don’t see how he isn’t in the game, regardless of the matchups, when you are less then 30 seconds away from winning the NBA title and putting Miami away for good.
  4. Manu? How about MA-NO!? He is playing some of his worst basketball of his career in these Finals. Every single time he touches the ball it is sloppy, careless, and very unpredictable. His inconsistant play doesn’t favor the Spurs at all and I feel they may be better off without him in the starting lineup.
  5. Danny Green will be the reason for the Spurs winning or losing. I believe the Heat would have been up 3-2 instead of the other way around heading into Game 6 had it not been for the killing blows from Green. He is a great story, and a serious player to watch next year now that he is a household name for his sharp shooting. But the Heat shut him down this game, and if that is replicated, the Spurs will be going home knowing they let this series slip right out of their hands.
  6. One shoe Mike Miller is just as good as two shoe Mike Miller. That is what I tweeted last night (@EricAlmighty1) while watching the game. If it wasn’t for Ray Allen, Millers spectacular shot would’ve been the best one of the night . Mike Miller once again is proving to be a vital part in Miami winning a Finals series to become champions once more. There is one person they need more then anyone in Game 7 though.
  7. Move over Lebron, Shane Battier needs to be more involved. And I am very serious about this. Last year at this time against Oklahoma City, Battier was crucial for the Heat in the wins against the Thunder in pivotal moments. I’m kidding of course for LeBron to move over. But Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers are the only ones filling that “x-factor” role, and it’s shown to not be enough (aside from Ray Allen’s tying 3 pointer). Averaging only 3.5 points a game in these Finals will not cut it against the Spurs if LeBron and D-Wade are under 50% shooting like in Game 6.
  8.  Speaking of King James, he has a lot of people to thank. Specifically, whoever knocked off his headband, because he woke up and played really good basketball. Aside from the ugly 3-pointer he missed and Bosh was lucky enough to grab and throw to Allen on the outside, James played well down the stretch. All jokes aside, LeBron stepped up when it counted, but prior, it was looking like another overall disappointing outing for the leagues MVP. They have won 3 out of 3 with up and down play. I only hope James can take over the game if his team fails him down the stretch.
  9. Free throws actually mean something? I’m full of the jokes today, I know. But you almost have to admit that is what ran through your mind when Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard missed what could have been game clinching free throws. I even ended up jinxing Leonard when the announcers were talking about him on free throws. I ended up stating out loud, “82% free throw percentage? It’s over.” Safe to say I got some ugly looks from some friends who wanted this game to go to the Spurs.
  10. Really irrelevant but…..Chris Bosh seriously looks like a Raptor. The entire game consisted of me and friends yelling “SHOOT HER! SHOOOOOT HERRRRR!!!” (Classic Jurassic Park reference, did you catch it?). In all seriousness though, he deserves credit for that pass to Allen to tie, and the ending play on Green to close out Game 6. Bosh, along with the rest of the Heat, will need to step it up to beat the Spurs in this final Game 7.


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The San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat. It is a really hard choice for me to make in my heart, knowing that the Spurs should win this, but that the Heat probably will. That picture at the start of this article is the reason why I am picking the Heat. Not because of Ray Allen, but the moment for the entire Miami team. Had the circus shot by Tony Parker been in this game and not Game 1, I would have easily picked the Spurs. But I feel the Heat at home after such a big rally to win the game and tie it all up will carry over to this game and prove to be the turning point of this series. I reluctantly said Miami in 7 games at the start of this series, but I am confident one game away, that I picked the right team. My prediction is Miami 99 – San Antonio 93. Game 7 is going to be a hell of a game either way. Let me know what you think in the comments below before the big game, and be sure to keep the conversation going live with me on Twitter during the game (again, @EricAlmighty1). We want to hear from you and see who YOU think is winning the NBA title. We appreciate all the support here at Inside Edge Sports and I hope you enjoyed my take on the final games of this NBA Finals series.

2 thoughts on “Miami Heat bring series to Game 7 verus the San Antonio Spurs

    rokinj33 said:
    June 20, 2013 at 11:25 am

    I love basketball discussions!

    I agree with you on your prediction, but I didn’t at first. I believed that the Spurs were a more cohesive team and were just playing on a ridiculous level. Obviously, their big three are crucial members, but unlike the Heat, their bench is what has been keeping them alive. They are like the Pacers, but better, which is why I thought they would beat the Heat. However, after what happened in Game 6, after they had the game in their hands and it literally slipped through their fingertips (as they missed those free throws), I believe that the devastation they experienced versus the excitement the Heat players got is going to tip the balance. I think the Heat will end up prevailing.

    I also think that this is the chance Lebron needs to really prove he is the best player in the league. Kobe has always stepped up when it mattered, and if that meant he needed to score 50+, he would. Same with MJ. The rest of the Heat players are getting shut down; Wade is struggling, probably because of his knees, Bosh is struggling (can you blame him? He’s up against THE Tim Duncan in the paint!), and their three point shooting, which they have relied on the entire season, is inconsistent. Shane Battier, Mike Miller, and Ray Allen have all missed wide open three point shots that would have proved to be huge moment swings in their respective games.

    That being said, here’s what I think needs to happen for the Heat to win:

    1. Win the paint. This is going to be the most challenging, since they don’t really have that much presence down low. Bosh is tall, but he isn’t big, and he is losing the match up with Duncan. I think Anderson and Haslem need to be a bigger part in the Heat offense. I love the energy that Anderson brings to the floor, but if he wants to prove that he can play when it counts, there’s no better time than tonight.

    2. Make the three pointers. The strategy that has won the Heat a great majority of their games has relied on the three pointer. Lebron or Wade drive in, and when help comes in, kick out to Allen, Battier, or Miller. Shoot, even Chalmers, Cole, and Bosh have made three pointers. It has worked all season, but not so much in the playoffs. If they can make those clutch shots, like Ray did, it will bring more points to the offense and swing momentum.

    3. Protect the perimeter. Tony Parker is playing unbelievable basketball. Even with tight defense, he is able to drive and make miracle shots. There’s nothing you can do about that. What the Heat need to do is limit Parker’s opportunities to pass out to an open shot, particularly to an open three. Keep trying to limit Parker’s opportunities for an easy basket, but more importantly, make him take a shot. Don’t let him pass out.

    4. Keep Manu shut down. This is where I disagree with your analysis. Manu is always a threat. He will be especially in Game 7. He can still swish the three, he can still drive and get physical in the paint, and he can still dish the ball. They shut him and Danny Green down in Game 6, but I think between the two of them, Manu is the one that you have to keep up with. He will make you pay.

    5. Bench points! I already mentioned Anderson, Miller, and Battier needing to step up, but it applies to the whole bench. They have got to play better defense when they are out on the court, it is an absolute necessity.

    6. The Return of the King. King James needs to do whatever he can to win this game for the Heat. They will rely on him more than anything else. He needs to prove that he can contend with Jordan and Kobe for the greatest, and the time is now.

      insideedgesports said:
      June 20, 2013 at 11:57 am

      I couldn’t agree with you more! This legacy LeBron leaves on the game of basketball starts tonight. Without him, the Heat will lose this final game. But he can’t do it alone, and has proven that this entire series. That is why in my mind, he will NEVER be on the same level as Michael Jordan. He needs to worry about surpassing Kobe Bryant, that is a more realistic goal. But I agree with everything you just said. This Game 7 is going to be awesome.

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