Quick Hits from Jaguars OTA’s 5/15/13.

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Taken by Stephen Morton of The Associated Press.

By: James Johnson

As you all know, the Jaguars kicked off their full OTA’s (veterans, drafted and undrafted rookies included) this week, and today seems to be a rather interesting one for them according to Twitter. Here’s some insight to Tuesday’s practice session brought to you by attendees and the Jags fans of Twitter.

Mark Long of Associated Press was at Tuesday’s practice and tweeted out what seems to be the most interesting (and concerning to some) news of the day. Here are a couple of his more interesting tweets:

“Jaguars DT Sen’Derrick Marks was impressive in practice. Gratz and Cyp, too, which is becoming routine.”

This is good to hear, especially considering that all three of these players were offseason additions. I’ve continuously heard that Cyprien has been practicing well and can’t wait to see if his play will transfer when the pads go on. I think it will based on what I’ve seen from him on film. If you haven’t checked out my draft breakdown on Cyprien I highly recommend that you do. As for Gratz, it’s important that he follows Cyprien’s pattern as both will likely be starters one day.

“Worst day of QB play I’ve witnessed at Jaguars practice in years — and that’s saying a lot. … O-line not much better.”

Of course of all the tweets, the one that most were buzzing about was the tweet about the QB play. I do understand the fact that Long referred to their poor showing as the “worst I’ve witnessed in years”, but lets keep in mind that it is just day three of full OTA’s . I’m not saying Gabbert, Henne, and Scott are going to light it up this year, but I do know it’s very early and there is plenty of time for each QB on the team to get situated and improve.

“Jaguars DE Alualu playing 6 technique on strong side (head up over TE) and 4B on weak side (head up over OT).” 

Long continued on Alualu tweeting,

“He says this is the best his knee has felt in years and playing outside should mean “less wear and tear.” 

The two tweets above are probably two of the more positive tweets of today, as I, along with a few others, have long felt that Tyson Alualu seems to be a great fit for Bradley’s scheme. After struggling last season, a season which he was almost a year removed from knee surgery, Alualu can resurrect his career at this new position and prove his status as a first round pick. I plan on adding a new video segment explaining Gus Bradley’s defense  here on IES in the future to go along with the draft breakdown videos. In the video I’ll explain just what this means for Alualu and the roles of the other players in this scheme.

Lastly, I have a link from Jaguars.com reporter JP Shadrick and Senior Writer John Oehser of today’s official OTA report. In the OTA report Shadrick talked about veteran TE Marcedes Lewis having a good week of OTA’s while stepping up and being challenged by head coach Gus Bradley. Also mentioned was the Jags young secondary having a veteran presence in both Dwight Lowery and Marcus Trufant. For more on what they had to say click on the link above.


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