2013 NFL Mock Draft (Jags)

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By: Gage D’Acunto

The 2013 NFL draft is upon us, and it has proved to be one of the most difficult drafts to predict. The picks across the board for all 32 teams have varied greatly, and there is no clear cut selection for any team. However, mock drafts are circling the web in full swing in an attempt to give incite into who’s going where and why. So, without any further adieu, I will give you my incite into the draft, and who I believe the Jaguars will be picking up throughout the course of the draft.

Image from blogimages.thescore.com

Pick #2. Dion Jordan, OLB/DE Oregon
Some will argue that with a new coach comes a new QB, and while the Jaguars brass seemed very interested in Geno Smith from West Virginia, I don’t feel that Smith, or any of the other QB’s eligible for the draft have impressed enough to be picked as high as 2nd pick overall. This being said, I go with the next desperate need the Jaguars have, and that is their defensive line.


Image from atlanticcoastconvos.files.wordpress.com

Pick #33. Mike Glennon, QB, NC State
I’m not convinced with the reports that Caldwell and Bradley are satisfied with keeping current starting QB Blaine Gabbert at the helm. I have strong beliefs that they’ll bring in a QB as some competition, and Mike Glennon would be a solid pickup at the top of the second round. First off, I don’t feel Smith or Barkley will fall to the second round, so that leaves Nassib of Syracuse and Glennon from NC State. I like Glennon because he’s a smart, tough QB who isn’t afraid to stand in there and take a hit to make a play. Glennon threw for over 4,000 yards with 37 touchdowns, and an average passer rating of 130 through the 2012 season. A solid pick for the second round if he makes it there.

Image from media.nbcdfw.com

Pick #64. Barrett Jones, C, Alabama
Unfortunately Jags fans, Meester is reaching the end of his NFL career. A solid pickup would be Alabama center Barrett Jones. In this situation, the Jaguars can finish one more season with Meester, while allowing this young talented guard to get some experience under the veterans wing.

Image from Chronical.Augusta.com

Pick #98. Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia
Fun Fact: Commings was drafted in 2008 by the Arizona Diamondbacks as an outfielder. So naturally, I want him on the team I support. Commings is a natural born athlete who has an innate ability to see the ball and either snatch it or swat it down. He showed great speed at the combine, and has rather impressive size standing at 6’0 and 215 lbs.

Image from Foxsportsflorida.com

Pick #135. Brandon Jenkins, DE, Florida State
Shockingly, this is my first Seminole I have being drafted by the Jags. Aside from Bjorn Werner, Jenkins is arguably one of the best pass rushers the Seminoles have seen. He had a bad outing last season due to injury, which is in part why I have him as far down in the draft as I do. Among the injury problems, he lacks the build to stop the run, so he would be strictly used for pass rushing unless he fills out. However, a good 3rd down pass rushing end would be a good pickup for this team, and if Jenkins falls this far, would be an absolute steal.

Image from Bleacherreport.com

Pick #169. Monase Foketi OG, West Texas A&M
Now we’re getting to the more difficult picks, and going with who may be available at the time, I like Foketi. The Jaguars have a dire need to fix the offensive line, and I feel that Foketi could be a solid pick this late in the draft. Foketi is a big guard standing at 6’5, and 320 lbs. Good pickup at this point to help beef up the O-line.

Image from mkrob.com

Pick #208. Dennis Johnson, RB, Arkansas
Low center of gravity, quick feet, tree trunks for legs, reminds me of a younger Michael Turner. Johnson was second to Knile Davis, but when given the opportunity, did very well and increased his touches as the 2012 season progressed. Whether he will fall this low remains to be seen. However, if he does, it’s possible that Johnson could be an option.


3 thoughts on “2013 NFL Mock Draft (Jags)

    theframechise said:
    April 16, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    I agree with the first round selection ideology, I just can’t decide between Jordan or Ansah there. Something tells me Barkley could fall to the Jaguars, but only if Smith is taken in the Top 5 probably even though I might be wrong.

      insideedgesports said:
      April 16, 2013 at 9:21 pm

      I don’t see Barkley going out of the first. There is the possibility but I think he would be a great solid first rounder and there are some teams who could use him. I would look for a possible trade down for him if anything but I don’t see him going out of the first. Either Ansah or Jordan would be a good pick here but I just went with Jordan based on preference.

    Eric Serna said:
    April 17, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    I think the selection will be Jordan. I think Ansah is TOO raw for a team that needs more versatile players that can help now. I’d consider a QB in round 2 if no other quality players fell to that spot.

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