Scobee Finally Gets a Long-Term deal.

Posted on Updated on

By: James Johnson

What’s been considered a long off-season has pretty much been put to rest for Jaguars Kicker Josh Scobee. Per Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times Union, the Jaguars have signed Josh Scobee to a 4 year deal with further details yet to be released. I would think it’s in the ball park of 4 years $13.6 million with $5 million guaranteed as I stated in my opinion blog. I will have more details for you all within the coming minutes.

Update: Tania Ganguli reports Scobee got a 4 year $14.2 million dollar deal with $4.75 million guaranteed. Scobee will make the $4.75 million in guaranteed money in his first year which includes a signing bonus of $3.75 million and $1 million in base salary. The deal will pay Scobee  $3.45 million a year making him the second highest paid kicker in the NFL, only under the Raiders Place Kicker Sebastian Janakowski. He can also make around $700,000 in incentives sources say.


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