Jags to get a practice facility (part 2). Will Khan go big ?

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By: James Johnson

Last week I made a post on the news about the Jaguars being in the beginning stages of getting a practice facility. I included a couple of statistics illustrating how a facility could possibly lead to more wins, and posted a chart that I found (via ExtremeRedskins.com)  of teams with facilities. In this week’s post, I wanted to bring up one of the most important factors about the Jags getting a facility: cost. I will also go into detail about how the facility might look.

When the news broke, Tania Ganguli stated that the Jags Senior Vice President of Stadium Operations, Bill Prescott, thought that this project would cost more than $10 million dollars. Though I could be wrong, that statement alone leads me to believe that this project likely won’t be a bubble. From my research I found that most bubbles cost around $2-4 million.  I don’t know how much construction would cost ,but I doubt that it would be $6-8 million (totaling the $10 million that Prescott mentioned). With that said, I believe the Jags might be looking to actually have a building constructed as their facility. I couldn’t really find the cost’s of the NFL facilities around the U.S. (other than the cost of the Texans and Dolphins practice bubbles), but I came across a lot of information on college facilities. It seems nowadays colleges are raising money like crazy for their athletic departments to build facilities to impress recruits, and to beat out their competition. They don’t hesitate to let others know how much they’ve payed or raised to buy these facilities. Below is a list of facilities that have been built in recent history and the cost of each. I also found a few blueprints of facilities that are being built in 2013, and yes some of them are in the$10 million dollar price range Prescott mentioned.

Bubble indoor facility costs

Miami Dolphins – 2 million

Houston Texans – 3 million

Texas University – 4 million

Building indoor facilities

Georgia Tech $9 million (was estimated to be $6-7 million)

Iowa State University $9.3 million

Baylor University $15.4 million

Auburn University $16.5 million

Future 2013 facilities

Here’s where it gets good. One facility that is also an estimated $10 million dollars is the one Clemson University is building in 2013. Pretty much comes with everything the Jaguars need: coaches and film towers, garage doors that lead to the outside/inside field on short notice, a little bit of sideline space, etc. Shad Khan make it happen!

Virginia University – $13 Million 

A little more than $10 million, but it seems to be in the organizations price range. It’s more of a jet hanger style building that comes with pretty much the same perks as the Clemson building. As you can see, this facility also has easy access from the outdoor to indoor field which is what the Jaguars want, a facility in which they can move on short notice.

Florida State – $15 million

It gets a bit pricier here.  Like the Clemson facility there are two fields on the outside. One is will probably be grass and the other astro turf to prepare for teams who play on turf in domes. It also has a brick dock to watch the outdoor practices. I’ve read this facility will cost a little more than others due to the types of bricks that it will be made of. A little to much glamor for a practice facility if you ask me. I’ll pass.

Oklahoma State $16.5 Million

This facility is currently under construction as we speak and will be done by next year sometime. As you can see it will have 3 fields on the outside and, unlike the other two facilities I mentioned, will have bigger garage doors for more of an open air feel for the indoor field. On the outside you can see the coach and film tower. In my opinion, the Jags don’t really need a facility this pricey or extravagant. It’s nice, but on the costly end. If the organization is going to come out of pocket I don’t know if this is what they want. Then again if Shad Khan wants to make a statement to the rest of the league he can go this route. This would be more of an-in-your face type of statement to those who believe the Jaguars are “cheap” (*cough*Mr. Brian Billick*cough*). This team is owned by a billionaire and, though I think a facility like this is a bit much, you never know with a owner like Shad Khan.


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