Final Mock: Jaguars Edition.

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By: James Johnson

1st round pick 15 (via trade with the Eagles)- Whitney Mercilus of Illinois University- I think it’s an 80% chance the Jaguars will trade 0ut of the 7th spot. However, the hardest part is predicting  who the will trade with. Depending on where they trade to will give me a better clue who they’d select. I took a guess and went with the Eagles, who were reportedly interested in trading with us according to Todd McShay of ESPN. Some think the report could be a smoke screen, but I feel that it isn’t simply because the Eagles have two second rounders an probably feel that they have what it takes to trade up and get a player they really like. As for the Jaguars if they traded with the Eagles that would put them in a position I feel Mercilus will be the BAP on their board or close to it. Mercilus is a finess DE Imo that in time would compliment Jeremy Mincey and become a force for years to come. He reminds me a little of Cliff Avril and as we all know Defensive Lineman coach Joe Cullen did a great job with him. I wouldn’t doubt that he couldn’t do the same with Mercilus. I don’t know what it is but I just have a weird vibe that Mercilus will be selected by the Jags though I could be wrong. The Jags could also take names like Kendall Wright, Stephon Gilmore, Quinton Coples just to name a few.

2nd round pick 38 – A.J. Jenkins of Illinois University- First let me say this I REALLY hope the Jags package their two second rounders (if we get trade down) and trade into the late 1st
and grab Stephen Hill or maybe Kendall Wright if he’s there (which he likely won’t). However, If not the Jags should go WR here after adding a DE. Therefore, eliminating their 2 biggest needs. With that said, the Jags select a teammate of Mercilus and bring in the Illinois Universities best two players. This pick makes so much since because 1. )Jenkins is from Jacksonville 2. )They brought him in for a visit 3.) Owner Shad Khan and son both attended U.I. so you know they’ve probably told G.M. Gene Smith what type of player Jenkins and Mercilus are and that’s a duo of hard working, productive, talented, and players. Jenkins is a solid prospect that had over 1,000 yards at U.I. and 7 td’s in 2011. He’s a solid route runner with 4.4 speed and reminds me somewhat of Victor Cruz (just a little).

Round 2 pick 46 (from the Eagles) – Devin Still DT, Penn State– With the Terrance Knighton incident popping up th Jags could use a DT and they add a solid one here.

Round 3 pick 70 – Phillip Blake C, Baylor- My last mock draft sums this pick up lol.

Round 4 pick 101 -Coty Sensabaugh CB, Clemson– Cousin of former Jaguars safety Gerald Sensabaugh so you know it runs in the family. Just as his cousin Coty has good ball skills and I’ve heard a bunch of people mention him as a sleeper. Starting CB’s Cox and Mathis both have pending contracts next year, so it might be wise that we draft a CB at some point in this draft. According to Adam Stites of Sensabaugh is a prospect the Jaguars really like. Also according to Evan Silva of NBC sports Sensabaugh won’t make it out of the 4th round. I could see Missouri TE and teammate of Blaine Gabbert Michael Egnew selected here as well if available.

Round 5 pick 142- Chris Rainey WR, Florida- Head coach Mike Mularkey went to Florida’s pro-day and spoke highly of Rainey. Sounds like he believes that Rainey and his speed could really benefit this offense and I couldn’t agree more. Speed kills and Rainey has just that. See my last mock for more.

Round 6 pick 176 -Taylor Thompson TE, SMU-A former DE who plans to play TE in the NFL. The Jags brought Thompson in and from what I hear really liked him. There is no doubt he is an heck of an athlete standing at 6’6, weighing 259 lb’s. He also ran a 4.55 which is solid for a TE. I’ve been calling for a double TE set to get this offense going for a year and the Jags could do just that with a duo of Lewis and Thompson. It shouldn’t be that hard for Thompson to pick things up at the TE position being that Zach Miller seemed to make the transition well.

Round 7 pick 228 – Ronnie Cameron DT, Old Dominion – It wouldn’t be right if the Jaguars didn’t select on small school prospect so here you have it lol. On a serious note though Cameron is a great athlete with both the perfect blend of size and athleticism and was a first team all conference player. As I said earlier the Jags could really use some depth at DT even without the Knighton situation. D’anthony Smith has been injury prone and AluAlu is coming off of knee surgery. Drafting Cameron would definitely help solidify the DL depth wise .


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