Jaguars mock draft #3

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By: James Johnson

It’s been 2 months since my last mock ladies and gentlemen, so needless to say this is long overdue. Since my last mock draft a couple of marquee NFL events have come about those being the Combine and Free Agency. As you all know the Jaguars weren’t very active this free agency period ,but still managed to grab a few good players. Jeremy Mincey and Dwight Lowery, who both were probably going to be heavily pursued by others were retained and the Jaguars managed to add a quality backup QB in Chad Henne, a potential sleeper receiver in Laurent Robinson, and a veteran Super Bowl Champion DB in Aaron Ross. However, the Jaguars still have holes in their roster as all teams do and will look to the NFL Draft to fill some of them.

Round 1 pick #7 Melvin Ingram, DE (South Carolina) 6’1  264lbs – Any fan of the Jags will tell you the teams two most pressing needs are at WR and DE. At the number 7 spot there isn’t a WR worth taking their IMO, and I’ve always felt that a team with a top 10 pick should use their selection on a premium position (in most cases), those positions being LT,QB,DE,CB and in some cases a NT,or DT. If Morris Claiborne is available I think it’s safe to say he’s the pick here, even with the addition of Aaron Ross you can never have enough quality CB’s or DE’s. However, I think Claiborne will be off the board by the Jaguars selection. With Claiborne off the board I’d think that either Quinton Coples or Melvin Ingram are the best defensive players on the board. Personally I think Coples is better however most analyst have Ingram rated slightly higher. I believe the Jaguars have him rated slightly higher than Coples as well. If that’s the case I can definitely live with the Jaguars drafting Ingram. As a fan of a rival team to South Carolina (Go Dawgs !) I’ve seen enough of Ingram to know a good player when I see one and Ingram is just that. He’s holds up well at the point of attack and has a nice repertoire of moves. As did Coples, Ingram performed well at the Senior Bowl and showed great ability to play with some of the best in the NCAA. Another reason this pick makes since is the fact that the Jags will have to deal with Andrew Luck for the next 14 years. Keep yours eyes open for a possible trade here too there have been rumors the Patriots have been eying a top 10 pick for a unknown player.

Round 2 pick #38 – Mohamed Sanu WR (Rugters) 6’2 211 lbs

I had a difficult time figuring out who to mock to the Jags here.I thought about plugging a CB in this spot like Jayron Hosely of Virginia Tech, who the Jags have scheduled a workout with.  I also really wouldn’t mind the Jaguars going with a TE here like D’wanyne Allen or maybe Stanford’s Coby Fleener (If he fell to us) to pair with Lewis in a double TE set like the Patriots use. However, I doubt Fleener is available though Allen will be. I don’t know if the Jags are high on Allen so I went with Sanu who fills a need and has a late 1st to second round grade on him. I’ve mentioned Sanu in a older post so we know what he’s about. He ran a disappointing 4.65 at the combine but improved that time to a 4.41 at his pro day. He possess  good size and has the skill set of a #2 WR. Hopefully he and Robinson with the coaching of a great WR coach in Jerry Sullivan can become the Jaguars #1 and #2 WR’s respectively.

Round 3 pick #70 – Phillip Blake C (Baylor) 6’3 311lbs-If I’m not mistaken Brad Meester is the oldest player on the Jaguars roster. He also is playing under his last year under contract. The Jaguars have been searching for years for a replacement to fill Meester’s position when he leaves. I’ve heard rumblings that the team is high on John Estes as Meester’s replacement, but that was under Jack Del Rio’s offensive staff. With that said the Jaguars grab a quality Center in Blake who most analyst say is “ready to start”. He protected Robert Griffin very well imo during his time at Baylor and paved massive holes for Terrance Ganaway to run through. Though it’s possible he could start I’d rather let Blake learn from Meester a year and then come 2013 he’ll definitely know the ropes, if Meester isn’t resigned that is.

Round 4 pick #101 Michael Egnew, TE (Missouri) 6’2 252 lbs – Another prospect I’ve mentioned before and even mocked to the Jaguars in my first mock. As I said in the description of Sanu I would love to see the Jags get a TE to pair with Lewis in a double TE set. Egnew should fall to us in the fourth due to him being used as more of a WR in Missouri’s spread offense. Egnew rarely put his hand in the ground at Missouri and he rarely had to block as a traditional TE would have to. However, I don’t think he’d have to be a effective blocker here if used right. A prime example is Aaron Hernadez, he was used just as Egnew at Florida. It’s no secret that he’s not the best blocking TE in the world and the Patriots know that so they simply don’t use him to block. Yet, he’s still a great asset to the Patriots. I feel Egnew could be used in the same way here and if push came to shove Mike Mularkey who was a TE himself could help Egnew become a better blocker in time. Drafting Egnew would also give Blaine Gabbert a familiar target and weapon to help this offense reach it’s potential.

Round 5 pick #142 Chris Rainey WR (Florida) 5’10 180lbs The Jags go offense yet another round adding another pass catcher along with Sanu and Egnew. Hey, I said it before this is the leagues worst passing offense and it needs to thoroughly be addressed. This time they go in their back yard and draft one of the fastest players in college football. Though Rainey had one run in with the law Gene Smith should roll the dice here. Since his first incident Rainey has kept his nose clean and will have players to lead by example (Mjd,Lewis,Smith,Poz) and show him how to be a professional. From a football aspect Rainey would make a solid 5th round pick if he pans out. Mike Mularkey himself spoke highly of Rainey at his pro day and could find a spot in this offense for him. He doesn’t have the size to play RB so the Jags could move to WR. With his speed he could easily become a deep threat in the NFL. Pair his abilities with Laurent Robinson as your possible #1,Sanu as your #2 possessions WR, Mjd (of course), Lewis as well as Egnew as red zone threats  and you have a potentially high powered offense (emphasis on potentially though).


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