Update on the Jaguars coaching situation.

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By: James Johnson

A couple weeks ago I published a article on a couple people I think that were possible candidates. This week on Wednesday Jaguars Shad Khan has taken ownership of the Jags from the Weavers (we will miss them). With no time to soak in life as a NFL owner, Khan instantly hit the ground running in pursuing a head coach for his investment. Here’s what I got on his search for a head coach.

First let me mention that current (or technically former) defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was given the interview that he was promised by Shad Khan. The news began to hit the media as of Monday which was the 2nd.

January 2nd : It was reported that the Jaguars requested permission to from the Falcons to interview their offensive coordinator Mike Malrkey. He was later given permission to accept the interview (not like the Falcons had a choice). As I stated a couple weeks I expected Mularkey to be on the Jags radar. Update: Today it was reported that Mularkey is a leading candidate for the Jaguars head coaching position. It was also stated that he wants to possibly bring offensive coordinator Clyde Chistensen of the Colts, (who might be out the door in Indy) here with him if Mulakey is named head coach. Mularkey worked with Christensen in Tampa years ago. Prior to Manning’s injury Christensen and the Colts were one of the top offenses in the league during his reign as offensive coordinator.

Later on the 2nd it was stated that the Jags requested to interview Rob Chudzinski (Panthers OC), Brian Schottenheimer (Jets OC), Bill O’Brien (Patriots OC) and Mike McCoy (Broncos OC). Chudzisnki who is one of the coordinators I’m in favor of, was ok’d to come in for an interview. Shchottenheimer’s interview was reported to be later this week (so I assume he was ok’d). O’Brien received permission as well for an interview per @AdamScheftler. I don’t know if McCoy received permission for his interview. Update 1/6/12  O’Brien has accepted the head coaching job at Penn State according to Chris Mortensen od ESPN. Update 1/6/12 Reports say that Jags GM Gene Smith flew into Charlotte, NC to interview Rob Chudzinski.

Jan 4th: It was reported that the Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin  (my favorite to win the job) was scheduled for two head coach interviews. One of them was known to be for the Kansas City Chiefs. The other team was not revealed, but it’s been speculated the Jaguars might have been that team. This is a situation to watch folks. I think the Jags might be trying to lay low here. Also per Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the Jags “favorite ” to win the job was Jay Gruden offensive coordinator of the Bengals (John Gruden’s brother). I don’t know how credible this is being that the Jags haven’t been reported as a team that interviewed Gruden.

Jan 5th: It was confirmed that Jay Gruden was contacted by the Jags for an  that he was “interested” in the job as head coach in Jacksonville. However, Gruden said he wants to wait before accepting the interview being that the Bengals have  a wildcard playoff game this weekend. I’m not high on Gruden at all and I think the Jags aren’t as interested in Gruden as the media says or at least I hope not.


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