With 2012 looming who will be the Jaguars coach next year?

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As we all know 2012 will be a year of change for the Jaguars. Wayne Weaver will step down as the teams owner and a new era will begin starting January, 4th and a new owner by the name of Shad Khan will step to the helm. Not only will Khan be our new owner but he will have to take a crash coarse in ownership 101 and find his newly owned team a coach. Interim head coach Mel Tucker currently holds the job due to Jack Del Rio being relieved of his duties and has been promised by Khan that he will be a serious candidate for the job. Khan also revealed that there will be several other candidates that will be interviewed for the job in which he will meet personally himself. So with that said, who can we expect to get a call from the 904 for a interview ? Down below is a list of each candidate I feel should be considered.

Mike Mularkey (Offensive Cordinator of the Atlanta Falcons) Espn.com wrote a article that mentioned Malarkey as a candidate at Jacksonville. They brought it to my attention that Mularkey has a son that currently works for the Jaguars scouting department. Not only that but the Jaguars have close ties to the Falcons organization. As we know the Falcons current head coach Mike Smith was a great defensive coordinator for the Jaguars and I wouldn’t doubt that he would put in a serious word to Khan in regards of Mularkey whom Smith has spoken highly of.

Joe Philbin (Offensive Coordinator of the Packers) Philbin is on the top of my list for multiple reasons. For one he is the coordinator of one of the leagues most dynamic offenses. He’s coached up Aaron Rodgers well and prior to that he worked with Brett Farve in 2007. He has well coached WR’s around Rodgers as well in Greg Jennings, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Randal Cobb. If that’s not enough he also has a great TE in Finley. Bottom line is Philbin appears to have a knack for finding and developing offensive talent. Last time I checked the Jaguars were lacking in that category. My only concern with Philbin is that it’s been speculated that he doesn’t call the offensive plays in Green Bay instead head coach Mike McCarthy does. Hopefully Philbin has learned a thing or two McCarthey if this is true.

Tom Clements (Quarterbacks coach of the Packers) Philbin isn’t the only man in Green Bay that’s getting attention as a future head coach. His QB’s coach Tom Clements is also a rising candidate. Penn State has a pending interview with him for a head coaching job there. I’m sure if they have him on there radar it’s several other college’s and NFL organizations who have there eye on him as well. So what makes him a good coach is probably what your asking? Well he has been with Green Bay since 2006 meaning he was a crucial part of Aaron Rodgers development. Clements has been in Green Bay every season that Aaron has other than Rodgers rookie season. Clements also worked with the legendary Brett Farve for a few years before that. Brett and Aarons work speak for Clements alone if you ask me. I think he would provide the coaching needed for Blaine Gabbert to grow and develop here in Jacksonville. If he is to be Jacksonville’s next head coach maybe he could bring Farve in as a assistant or  as a mentor for Gabbert which could possibly help his development. My only con with Clements is his age at 60 years old. The Jags probably would want more of a long term solution coach if things were to pan out.

Rob Chudzinski (Offensive Coordinator of the Carolina Panthers) Chudzinski is a young and upcoming coach whom most would say has a bright future as a head coach in the NFL. His strength is specifically at the TE position. He has coach a variety of NFL greats at the TE position. As a college coach at the University of Miami he coached several all American TE’s such as Kellen Winslow II, Bubba Franks, and Jeremy Shockey. He has also worked with Antonio Gates in his career as a TE’s coach in San Diego. His latest work in Carolina as a offensive coordinator is impressive as well. He took the Panthers offense from one of the leagues worst in 2010 to a top 10 offense in 2011. Not only that but he did with a rookie QB in Cam Newton in his first year working with him. He also worked with Gabbert before the draft being that Carolina wanted to draft a QB. Also keep in mind Chudzinski worked with Mel Tucker in Cleveland with the Browns(which Chudzinski did well with Derek Anderson). Mel was the defensive coordinator while Chudzinski was the offensive coordinator. The reason I bring this up is that if Chudzinski was brought in I wonder if Mel Tucker would stay to work with him as a assistant coach? That way Mel can continue with the Jaguars top 10 defense in which he’s done well with. I know it’s wishful thinking that Tucker would want to be demoted back to a coordinator but it’s a slim possibility. For the reasons I just stated Chudzinki is a coach I’d look for to be in heavy consideration for the Jags. He’s a top candidate in my book.

Pete Carmichael Jr (Offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints) Similar to Philbin’s situation Carmichael is the coordinator of another high powered offense. Like Philbin rumor has it he also doesn’t call the plays in New Orleans though. However, he was given the opportunity to call plays earlier this year due to head coach Sean Payton’s knee injury. While Payton had to sit in the sky box due to surgery, Carmichael took over his duties as a on the field play caller. That game was the game against the Indianapolis Ponies and it was a game in which Carmichael’s offense dropped 62 points on them.



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