Jags should capatilize on what should be a strong WR group in 2012 draft.

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Last month I posted a mock draft for the Jags in which I mentioned that the Jaguars desperately need help at the Wide Receiver position. Here we are a month later and it couldn’t be more painfully obvious. Of coarse they could use help at a few other positions but receiver should be at the top of the list. As I looked deeper into the 2012 draft I couldn’t help but notice that it was deep at the Wide Receiver position. In my last post I mentioned Justin Blackmon as well as Alshon Jeffery (who I mocked to the Jaguars), but as I looked deeper into the draft I notice that their area bunch of other receivers other than them who are extremely talented. Here are a few other prospects who are on the rise and should also get some attention come April of next year.

Nick Toon-Wisconsin- 6’2 220 lbs– Son of former 3 time pro-bowl WR Al Toon, Nick Toon has the NFL in his bloodlines.  He as his father is very talented and seems to have the potential to just as good as his father. He has great size but what impresses me about Toon is he has the quickness that Jeffery and Blackmon don’t surprisingly. At 6’2 220 lbs Toon is a very athletic WR and a viable red zone threat. My only problem with him is health. He struggled with a foot injury last year and his receptions are down this year as well which leads me to believe it’s a possibility he’s not 100%. The last thing the Jaguars need is another injury prone player on their receiver unit. However Toon should be able to get healthy after the season is over. As it stands most analyst that I’ve seen has Toon ranked as a late 1st round pick to a early 2nd rounder. If he impresses during the Senior Bowl (which he should get an invite to) look for his draft stock to possibly increase to the middle of the 1st round. Also keep in mind he might benefit from a good 40 time in the combine as well.

Mohamed Sanu-Rugters-6’2 218lbs- As Jeffery,Blackmon, and Toon Sanu is yet another big body receiver in which the Jaguars could use. In my opinion he is by far the most physical receiver in this draft class. I’ve seen him run through countless DB’s and make several bone crushing blocks. He also is a receiver that understands coverage. He is notable for finding a hole in the opposing teams defense and taking advantage of it. His production has been great so far this years with 70 catches for 731 yards and 7 touchdowns this year. My question about him is his 40 time. Like Toon if he runs a good 40 time MARK MY WORDS  he will easily be a first round pick. He is the all around threat that Blaine Gabbert and the Jags can use on their team.

Marvin McNutt-Iowa-6’4 216 lbs-  LoL If you can get past his last name without laughing you’d notice that McNutt is a heck of receiver. He broke Iowa’s touchdown record by one player recently this year. His ability to get open (which no receiver on the Jags roster can seem to do) is his biggest asset. His height also is a plus. My concern with him is the same as my concern with Toon and Sanu which is his speed. Despite his appearance to have average 4.5 like speed the fact is he manages to find a way to get open which is a big plus in my opinion. His 40 time will tell it all in February. Keep in mind Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith is very close to Iowa’s head coach Kirk Forrentz and is constantly scouting at their games. So McNutt is probably already on their radar.


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