Training camp notes 7/4/11.

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So today me and Gage went to checkout the Jags for ourselves to see what exactly the “Cardiac Cats” were working with. I specifically wanted to see our new acquisitions such as Session,Posluzny, and Dawan Landry. Also I tried to take notes of the Jags 2011 rookie class. Sad to say I couldn’t see much from where I was sitting but I did come away to the following conclusions.

*Though it’s just practice and he has yet to play a game, Blaine Gabbert looks to be a solid pick thus far. He throws the ball with nice power behind it, and has solid footwork. He made the best of his numerous snaps due to Garrard going down in the middle of practice (who will be fine). He also has the height and size of a NFL QB based on a close up I saw as he was walking to the practice field.

*Cecil Shorts appears to be a nice pickup as well. Though he dropped a pass from Gabbert earlier in 11 vs 11 drills he redeemed himself on a nice reception from Gabbert as he was flushed out the pocket. He looks to be Gabbert’s favorite target and hopefully they will develop together to become a great QB and receiver tandem in the future.

*Austen Lane looks to be a solid starter opposite of Kampman. As he signed an autograph for me he looked to have the size to possibly play LE and seemed to get constant pressure on Garrard in the pocket.

*Aaron Morgan also has been getting alot of pressure on the QB. He was constantly in Garrard’s face as Lane was.

*Terrance “Potroast” Knighton doesn’t look as big a people portray him to be. He looks to be at his playing weight (though he isn’t) and should be down to 335 pounds in no time imo.

*Garrard seem to be struggling even before he went down with whatever injury he had. Though he did make a nice deep pass to Jason Hill early in practice. He was constantly swarmed by the D-line and would’ve been sacked multiple times if the drill was live. I think he will be fine as camp goes on and his injury seems to be minor according to Jack Del Rio.

*I couldn’t really see our free agent’s in action but I know Landry was running with the first team defense along side Courtney Greene. Session and Poz got to take reps on first team as well.

I must say I was impressed from what I saw and I think this is definitely a better team than last year. As far as my rooster predictions and predictions on our record, those will have to wait until I see us in the preseason. I will say this though Jaguars fans have alot to be excited about this year.


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