Jaguars Move up 6 and Snag Gabbert.

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Ryan Kerrigan. Defensive End from Purdue University. A very likely candidate for a draft pick by Gene Smith, and many argued, would be the Jaguars first round pick at 16. After all, he has everything Gene Smith looks for right? I mean, a collegiate career of 14 forced fumbles, 33.5 sacks, and over 50 tackles for a loss? This guy is golden! and playing alongside guys like Knighton and Alualu our defensive line would be Impenetrable! However, a lot like last year, Gene Smith threw Jags fans yet ANOTHER curveball and traded up to Washignton’s 10th overall pick to select Blaine Gabbert, Quarterback from Missouri. Whoever had this in their mock draft, you have got to be the most talented football analyst of our time and God has given you, sir or ma’am, a gift.

Gabbert, finished his career with Mizzou with almost 7,000 yards passing and 40 touchdowns. He ran a 4.6 40 yard dash at the combine, missing the fastest QB, Tyrod Taylor, by 2 tenths of a second. However, these are just the stats. Overall, Gabbert has great mechanics, a great arm, and is also great in the short to medium passing game; The passing game the Jaguars mainly like to play.

I feel Gabbert was a strong, and gutsy, pick for the Jaguars to make. He has great potential, and could possibly be the franchise QB we’ve been looking for. Gene Smith and Jack Del Rio continue reiterating that Garrard will continue to be our starter. However, who’s to say that Gabbert won’t be able to prove himself a better candidate early on? I can only see this is a positive. In signing Gabbert, you can do either of two things; find the franchise QB you’ve been looking for, or motivate Garrard to play at a higher level. Can’t wait to see what this kids got.


One thought on “Jaguars Move up 6 and Snag Gabbert.

    insideedgesports said:
    May 1, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    What’s good?It’s me James.Gotta say this is a good write up. I’m 100% with ya this is gonna make or break Garrard. Can’t wait for the season to start now bro.

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