With the Senior Bowl in the books, exactly who were the Jaguars impressed by?

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By James Johnson

Senior Bowl weekend is now over with and as I stated in my last blog this week would be the week in which Jaguars GM Gene Smith, head coach Jack Del Rio, and staff would spend the week in Mobile, Alabama to scouting the best Seniors in all of college football in the annual game. Amongst those players were big names like Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Von Miller, Adrian Clayborn and many more potential players that the Jaguars could really use. So with that said exactly who caught the eyes of the Jags scout this week?

Well first of all I’ll start with the obvious choice and that would be the games most valuable player, Christian Ponder. As I stated earlier the Jaguars can use a QB for the future and Ponder only played a few hours away from Jacksonville. So it’s a no brainer that they would look to see how he performed against players of high competition. Now first of all let me say he had a good practice, but at the time he didn’t really separate himself  from the other QB’s in terms of performance. I believe it was because he and the other QB’s were trying to get accustomed to the new receivers they were throwing to, and they were were trying to grasp the NFL coaching. He did however separate himself from the other QB’s during the game in itself. He completed 7 out of 13 passes for 131 yards with 2 td passes, and also ran for 17 yards. His performance was good enough to earn him the mvp award of the 2011 Senior Bowl, and probably propelled him to be a first round pick come April.

I’ve also read that the Jags showed interest in two other QB’s at the Senior Bowl. Those two was Jake Locker, who really didn’t do anything to help himself at the Senior Bowl, and the other was Colin Kaepernick of Nevada University. Kaepernick was probably the least know of the QB’s in the Senior Bowl, but I’m sure people know of him now. Standing at 6’6 225 pounds Kaepernick has plenty of height and decent size. He could afford to put on about 5 to 10 pounds though to be safe. He had a good week of practice showing good arm strength and his ability to scramble. He propelled himself to a second round pick in my opinion. Look for the Jaguars to show more interest in him and Ponder. I could see them trading down to get Ponder in the first round, or going for Kaepernick in the second round.

Alright  now enough with the QB stuff. The Jags also showed interest in plenty of other positions as the should. As I said they need help everywhere especially on defense. Secondary help is really needed, we also could use a defensive end and a linebacker or two. So with that said I’ve known for a while that the Jaguars have shown interest in the best outside linebacker in the draft by the name of Von Miller. The standout linebacker from Texas A&M looked great at the Senior Bowl. Only problem is he showed up a little undersized weighing 237 pounds, which isn’t a bad thing to me it’s actually decent size for a 4-3 linebacker. Miller is probably a top 10 pick after his performance now and is probably out of the Jags reach unless we trade up. One thing I will say is we could really use this kid and if Gene Smith feels as if he’s to talented to pass up we could trade up for Miller.

The last young man I feel that is worth mentioning is Cameron Jordan,defensive lineman out of California University. Sound familiar right? That’s because he played next to someone we are pretty familiar with that’s on the Jaguars current roster, Tyson Alualu. We all know how that pick turned out to be and Jordan is just as good as his former teammate. He played defensive end at the Senior Bowl, and looked good in doing so. Yeah I know he’s a 3-4 guy, but so was Tyson. I just got a feeling if we put Jordan at defensive end next to his friend Tyson,the giant Terrance Knighton, and  savy veteran Kampman we are going to have one of the best defensive lines in the game. The Jaguars haven’t had any interviews with Jordan, but don’t be fooled. They also fooled the league by not showing any interest in Tyson, then when draft day came we suprised the whole league.


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