Jaguars Wayne Weaver Retains Del Rio as Head Coach.

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Promises, promises, promises. During the 2010 offseason Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio made promises to players and fans that this team will not only make the playoffs, but win the division entirely. Those promises fell short with several missed opportunities to fulfill them. Now at the seasons end, looking at an 8-8 record, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver addresses fans and the media. Despite fans pointing fingers demanding a new head coach and wanting to see heads roll, Weaver decided to keep his head coach. In retrospect of this decision, I would have to agree with the decision made. I understand the fans frustration and I understand we have been “rebuilding” for several years now, but any hopes of actually moving forward would all fall short if you re-staff your entire franchise in the middle of your rebuilding period. For the record Jags fans: poor draft choices, poor trade and free agent acquisitions, and overall failure to fix any REAL problem is what kept us in this rebuilding period. So, yes, we are still rebuilding. That would be the fault of the front office management. However, I digress. I feel overall re-staffing should be a worst case scenario thing, not a drastic decision made, if nothing else, to appease fans. Sure, Del Rio called some questionable plays and made several questionable decisions. I believe, however, that things can only go up from here. I feel there is A LOT of work to be done over the offseason, but I trust that coaches and front office management alike will notice the problem areas and work hard to fix them. Do I like Jack Del Rio or David Garrard? No. Do I think both have A LOT to learn? Absolutely. However, I feel both are very capable of learning from past mistakes and the necessary changes.

6 thoughts on “Jaguars Wayne Weaver Retains Del Rio as Head Coach.

    insideedgesports said:
    January 19, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Its me James bro nice write up u got here.I agree to dismantle the coaching staff now would only put a halt on the progress we have made.

      Brandon said:
      January 19, 2011 at 8:41 pm

      it’s 50/50 bro

      insideedgesports said:
      January 20, 2011 at 8:04 am

      Thanks James! You need to get in there and start writing now haha

    Brandon said:
    January 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    The problem with the Jaguar organization is the front office. Yes we fixed that problem by getting rid of Shack Harris and replacing him with Gene Smith. Next, the coaching staff doesn’t have to be entirely dismantled only thing needs to be changed is the d coordinator and linebacker coach and secondary coach. You replace them with someone who knows the Jaguars identity which run the ball and the stop the run which Mike Smith came up with. He had Mike Peterson Darryl Smith and Ingram who was at the time dominating. Next, you dismantle the roster which they have done by getting rid of poor draft picks who are no longer with us and replace them with future draft pics and key FA players. Next, they need to start coming up with Marketing schemes for Jaguars. They not competing against anyone in Jacksonville. You criticize fans but the fans right they been saying and using same excuse from 2002-2008 season still no change. Next Jaguars are surrounded by negativity meaning their bloggers. Also, Jags are going to have to stop being so damn cheap in FA and go at the people they need which are playmakers. I agree with Gene Smith about character but its alot of FA with good character he won’t go after yeah he want to keep the roster young but you have to get playmakers. Example Bob Sanders, Wilson, Rollie are going to be FA I bet we not going to go at none of them when our biggest problem is Safety. Finally, Jaguars have to use their identity which is the 4-3 defense and come up with different blitzing schemes and stop using high school blitzing schemes which everybody knows and they have to get back to that dirty talking, aggressive, physical defense they were when we had Smith as a d coordinator. Ain’t nothing different from 2002. Stroud and Henderson replaced by Knighton and Tyson. Mike Peterson Darryl Smith and Ingram. Put Smith back in Middle and replace Morrison and Durant with a draft pick and FA. Cornerbacks Mathis and Brian Williams replace with Cox and draft pick. FS you got two choices let Mathis play his natural position which is FS or get a draft pick or big FA safety. SS keep Greene but get a FA. DE we had Spicer and Hayward replace them with Mincey, Kampman, and our drafts picks Hart and D’Anthony and get another one in draft pick and FA. Finally, make Garrard take a paycut and keep him and get a QB in first round and let Koetter train him to be the QB he want him to be

      insideedgesports said:
      January 20, 2011 at 8:03 am

      Hey Brandon, yeah man I agree whole-heartedly it is 50/50 and yeah there are some things that could be changed coaching wise but I think right now may not be the time. There was no precedent set last year. We had a goal, but failed to achieve it. I think if you were thinking about dismanteling your coaching staff, that consequence should have been at the start of last year. I think in all honesty that the linebackers are ok where they are, they just need some work on NOT over persuing on blitzes or fakes. Secondary needs a lot of work, especially on teaching Mathis to tackle. D-Line is getting better. Alualu is great for a rookie and i think we should hold on to him and try and build our line around him. The right coaching and he can only get better. I couldn’t have said it better as far as Garrard and the QB situation. He hasn’t been performing at the level they need and i think a pay cut would be a kick in the ass towards the right direction. They need a good first round QB in the draft tho. Either that or a good safety, but Safety and QB should be their primary concern this draft.

        Brandon said:
        January 20, 2011 at 3:58 pm

        the QB situation is going to be surprising. This is my prediction JDR is going to keep him and at the last game of the preseason he going to release him like they did Leftwich which was cold hearted. JDR is a person who like to takes risk.

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