Full IES 7 Round NFL Mock Draft by Zach Hochrein.

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By: Zach Hochrein

As James said earlier last week… ladies and gentleman it’s about that time of the year. We promised a slew of draft content and that’s what we’re  bringing you. That in mind, what says that the draft is on it’s way more than a FULL mock draft? Check it out as I unveil the first ever 7 round mock in IES history. I even went as far as projecting some early round trades ( listed below) to add icing to the cake. This goes without saying, I worked hard on this one, and I hope you all enjoy it!

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Breaking Down the Alex Mack Situation From a Browns Fans P.O.V.

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By: Shane Mink 

This past Wednesday, April 9th, rumors came out about Alex Mack signing an offer sheet with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The total numbers and structure of this contract are unknown, but there are indeed some rumors out there about it.

Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported that Mack was signing an offer sheet. He reported that the deal would be 5 years. Later others came out with contract details. There have been a few different rumors, but by far the most circulated one has the Jaguars giving Mack $20 million guaranteed in the first two years and $7 million the next year. There have also been reports that there is an opt out clause, which would allow Mack to leave the team he ultimately signs with.

Early Thursday morning Adam Schefter reported that the Browns are planning to quickly sign the offer sheet made by Jacksonville. Is this the right move?

If they did sign the offer sheet at the reported prices, they would be putting over $20 million in cap on just two offensive lineman next season. That would have an affect on contract negotiations with arguably more important players such as Joe Haden and Josh Gordon in the future.

If they decided not to sign the offer sheet, they will be going into the draft with a great need on the offensive line. The Browns already need to add an RG and RT to replace Shawn Lauvao (signed with the Redskins) and Mitchell Schwartz (not a scheme fit). Whoever the Browns name as the teams starting QB would probably begin next year with three rookies protecting him. That is not the ideal situation.

Should they make this move? There have been reports flying around all offseason that Alex Mack does not want to be a Cleveland Brown any more. There was also a report out there that the Browns told Mack after they tagged him that if he wanted to leave, they would not try to stop him. If they match the offer, they must be confident that Mack is willing to return.

Cap space-wise this deal is easy for Cleveland. With the most cap space in the league, unless the Jaguars structure their offer very oddly, the Browns will be able to match with cap to spare.

It would be rather awkward to sign Mack after he wanted out, but ultimately it is the best thing to do. The cap space may have an affect on signing other key players, but not dismantling the offensive line is very important right now if you ask me, especially if the Browns decide to draft and start and rookie at QB.

Update: Per NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, the offer sheet that the Jags will send to Mack Friday is a 5 year deal worth $42 million, $18 million of which will be payed to him in the first 2 years. Mack will also have the option to opt out after year two if he’d like and the deal also has a stipulation where he can’t be tagged after year two as well.

Update:  Looks as if the Jags gave the Browns a lot to think about as they were almost sure to match the deal, but are now having second thoughts.

Dating from Friday the Browns would have until Wednesday to match the offer sheet.

Update: As you all likely know by now the Browns matched the Jags offer and the figures on Mack’s end are as followed.


For more on this situation as it unfolds please feel free to follow Shane under the handle Twitter of @ShaneMink, myself under @IES_Don, and NFL insider Ian Rapoport under @Rapsheet . Shane will also have more updates and posts on the matter as the situation unfolds. 

Browns Position-By-Position Review: QB’s .

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(Image By USATSI)

By: Shane Mink

I’ve long talked about adding more writers that cover other teams and sports in this wide world of journalism. That said, one of our newest contributors in Zach Hochrein did his due diligence in helping me in this department and discovered  our latest contributor in Shane Mink. Here, Shane drops off his first IES contribution on his favorite team, the Cleveland Browns, and give a preview of their current QB situation. He also goes into details as to whether the Browns may look to add more help at the position through the NFL Draft. Hope you all enjoy the read, and we’d like to welcome Shane aboard with any other Browns fans to the IES page! 

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IES CB Rankings by Zach Hochrien.

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Z.Hoch’s Top 40 CB

(L.G. Patterson of the AP)

With the draft almost a month away, the IES crew will be hard at work in the coming days to bring you all our very on prospect content as May gets closer. That said, Zach Hochrein knocks another list of prospect rankings today as we take a look at the CB’s. And if I must say so myself, it’s a very impressive, yet distinctive list when comparing it to those I’ve seen around on the web this month. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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IES 2014 OLB Prospect Rankings By Zach Hochrein.

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By: Zach Hochrein

(Image by USATSI)

It’s been a while since our last grades due to our busy schedules, but Zach is back at it as he is continuing where he left off with his latest prospect projections. As opposed to the spreadsheet format he used before, he did things a little differently with a traditional ranking list. This week, we kick it off with the OLB rankings, enjoy! 

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Gridiron Season Podcast: Free Agency Edition.

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By: James Johnson

As you all know in the off season we’ve been taking it easy in terms of podcasting. After a little bit over a month, we decided to get back at it as I joined by Phil and Zach to talk some Jags free agency and some 2014 QB prospects. The crew gave their respective grades on each of the Jags free agency signings from Red Bryant to Toby Gerhart and more, then furthermore went on to discuss the release of Uche N’waneri and trade of Blaine Gabbert in the process.

Lastly in an idea Phil ran by me, the 3 of us gave out our respective rankings of this years QB prospect class and gave our opinions on each signal caller a top the draft.

That said, if you missed it live we got you covered via the link below.


James Top 10 QB Prospect Rankings.

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(Stephen Haas/Associated Press)

By: James Johnson  If you all recall, back when Zach made his spreadsheet and grades on the QB prospects of  2014, I told you all I would post my very own QB rankings in due time. Well…. I final got to it. Here is my top 10 rankings for this years QB class! Read the rest of this entry »